Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am exhausted from playing two softball games tonight. In the middle of the second game, one of our players went for a ball, hit the fence, and cut up his face pretty bad. He ended up heading to the ER to get stiches, along with his father. That left us two men short. Don't worry though, we still won (we hope everything is alright Jeff).

BUT, times will get better because Saturday morning we leave for Lake Powell. I cannot express my excitement.

Hope you're not jealous.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


(you have to have Facebook to watch it)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Went On

Okay, here are some pictures of our recent events.

Our little guy was blessed August 2. There were a ton of people that came to support him and we thank you all for that. The downside to the day was that the second we got home he pooped all over his outfit--before we had a chance to take a picture of him in it. Whoops. I guess I'll just have to stage some pictures in the outfit later.

Either way, here we are on the day of...

That same week Cody surprised me with a trip to San Francisco. We drove all day Thursday and met up with Melanie and Jake who had flown in a few days earlier. The next morning we headed down to the piers, unfortunately the camera died after the first 2 minutes.

It was awesome to see the street performers and the people. We ended the day at the Giants stadium. The game was awesome, even though they totally blew it in the last two innings.

Saturday was spent at Venice beach and the Orphium theatre. At the beach there were two dead sea lions, one with a missing head, and a sign saying that the area had the highest concentration of white sharks. Needless to say, I didn't spend too much time in the water; I'm a wimp. I did, however, give the boy his first dip. He didn't like the cold at all, but oh well.

After getting cleaned up we headed to the theatre to see Wicked. I cried quite a few times during the production, it was just THAT awesome.

Last was Caleb's wedding. He and Hayley were married on the 11 in the Salt Lake temple. It was a great day for everyone. We sure love Hayley and are so glad to have her in the family. Their reception was in Lindon at a cute little place called Wadley Farms. We laughed and cried and watched the Hoppy boys do their traditional dance (when I get a copy I'll post it on here). It was a great day.

Don't you just love our little guy's outfit? He looked like a little pimp.

Now we await our yearly trip to Lake Powell...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We have had a busy few weeks. I'll post pictures soon of our little guy's baby blessing, Caleb's wedding and our trip to San Francisco.

Right now I just want to relax.

But, here's a teaser to keep you coming back...

(nothing like Wicked and Burger King to start a night off right)