Monday, March 31, 2008

My New Glasses

I (this is Hanna like usual) work on the computer about 35 hours a week. After a while it starts to take a toll on you. I got headaches all the time, you know the ones right between your eyes that pound and won't allow you to concentrate or focus on anything. I also started having trouble reading; that is until one of Cody's old bishops, the nicest guy ever, gave me a free eye exam. Turns out that I am far sided and working on the computer really aggravates it (one eye is worse than the other). The doc told me that I needed glasses. So, for the first time in my life I am in the 4 eyes club.

What do you think about the pair that Cody and I picked out?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Helium Balloons

Cody got the brilliant idea to suck the helium out of his birthday balloons. It was a pretty entertaining 15 minutes.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


He thinks he is SOOO funny...

The REAL Cody and Hanna Story

So... How is everyone? It's been awhile since I've "showed my face", so i thought I'd check in on things. When I did, to my utter astonishment, I found a fraudulant story about how it all went down with Hoog's and I, so I thought that you'd probably want to hear how I saw it go down.

As was mentioned, I served as a missionary for the Mormon church in Washington DC South Mission, which covers northern Virginia. When I had been out for about a year, just over, I was serving in my third area as a first time zone leader. I had only been a zone leader for about 3 months but I really liked it and was pretty dang good at it if you ask me.
My third transfer in the zone, I got a new companion named Elder Baldwin. He was a cheerful little lad that liked to laugh. Which is good because I frequently ridiculed and hassled him about having only one functioning eye. My favorite was to throw fragile things to him and watch him freak out because he had no depth perception and would usually shriek like a little girl and frantically try to keep the object from getting broken and yet was pretty helpless and usually ineffective. No matter, it was usually his stuff.
Anyway, that was random. Whilst with said companion, we received a fresh batch of missionaries to the zone. 23 new missionaries to the mission that transfer. We received 3 of them to our zone. One of them was a new spanish speaking sister who had been assigned to our all star missionary, sister Dezzeo. (Hi D)
The first night after transfers, I was making calls to check that everyone was in for the night and I called the spanish sisters to see how D's first day of training went. She was all kinds of excited because her little greenie had invited the someone to be baptized the first time that they met him on the street and he said yes! What the? Who does she think she is. Beginners luck right? Um, No. Next night, I talk to sister D again, and hello, another one said yes that sister H had invited to baptized. So already I like want to meet this mystery miracle girl, and at least get her autograph, I mean after all, we had an average of 2 baptisms per missionary per year in the mission and she got 2 in 2 days to say yes. So whatev..
Monday morning rolls around and we have district meetings. Baldwin and I get everyone together for zone portion of meetings and, as is customary, the sisters sit in the front row, and there she is the miracle sister I had been wondering and dang it all if she wasn't cute too... I knew that we were going to have to do all kinds of babysitting and make sure the Elder's were being good little boys around the new hot sister. And boy was she a sassy little thing...
Anyway, this is far more detailed than I ever thought I would get but that was the first time I layed eyes on my eternal companion and I didn't even know it. I just wanted you all to be a part of it and know that it was not as great as you might think. She was going to be a pain in the butt. Hot girls are the last thing a missionary wants to have to deal with. Luckily I had a girlfriend and so I hardly even noticed but you know... She was all kinds of interested in me, I could tell right off the bat. She walked up to me after zone meetings and told me how great our lesson had been. She even almost like whispered it to me. It was really weird. Then every night that it was my turn to call and check on the sisters she was answering the phone, and finding any excuse that she could to call us and ask questions. We would go to meetings and she would sit there in the front where she could see me and she wouldn't stop looking at me. So after 2 transfers of these little flirtations I had to tell president that I needed to be transferred because sister H was making me uncomfortable. I spent the next year trying to dodge her at every major meeting that our paths crossed. FINALLY, I was released from my mission and I thought that I would never see her again. Then of course, first thing she gets home and there she is again. Every day I walk outta class and there she was waiting for me. She knew my whole schedule and everthing and would show up at the craziest time. Finally, I was like ok fine. let's get married, I've got nothing better to do and no other prospects so I may as well marry the mission princess... Hanna H and now we live happily ever after... Until she reads everything that I wrote after the part where I first met laid eyes on her, then I might be free again. I'll let you know... Ha ha ha ha. The End


On Sunday Cody and I drove out to Eagle Mountain for Lincoln's (Jordan and Amy's new child) baby blessing. As I was sitting in church trying to pay attention, I noticed a little boy two rows ahead of me. He was playing peek-a-boo through the chairs. We were in the back, so they were those hard, cold, metal ones. I kinda laughed and played along for a second. I turned my head to grab a hymn book for about 2 seconds when, out of nowhere, he had hopped over his seat and was standing right in front of my face. I said "Hi". He responded "Hi" back then kicked me as hard as he could in the shin and went back to his seat. What the...I didn't even know what to do but laugh.

That was kind of random, but I don't have our Easter party pictures back yet so I have nothing to post about. Be prepared though, Andrew dressed up as the Easter Bunny. haha.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Cody and Hanna Story

While I am waiting for Cody to take a test, I figured I would give you a little run down of how we met. I read about it on Doretha and Jesse's blog and thought it would be a good idea...

It all started in January of 2006. I was sent, after arriving fresh from the MTC, to my first area on my mission, Manassas Virginia. There I met my two zone leaders, one being Cody. I was new so I didn't really notice him or even care. The first time I really ever talked to him was after a zone activity on P-Day. He had some friends in a band and so did I.

I didn't know it at the time, but when he went back home that day, his companion said that he should date me when he got home. His next companion, my next zone leader, as well said the same thing. Go figure.

We were both transferred to different areas and never talked again.

A year and a half later I found myself sitting with my mission president in my farewell interview, the one you get right before you fly back home. We were just chatting and out of no where he said, "Do you know an Elder Hoppy?" I said I did. Then he said, "Well, he is single. I think you should look him up when you get back." My response was, "Probably not President." haha. I just wasn't into the whole elder/sister love thing.

Then, a few weeks after I got home I got a phone call from my ex-zone leader. He had got my number from another elder that I had recently seen. I was surprised, but excited that he called. When you are newly returned home you are excited when anything missionary happens...its all you know. He later told me that the only reason he called was because he had been having impressions to, for a while, and finally decided to give in.

We talked for a bit that day, that is until he walked out to his car with me still on the phone and realized that someone had broken into it. That was that.

A few weeks later he texted me to hang out. By that time I had a boyfriend.

We kept in touch, texting back and forth for a while. I went and hung out with him a few times with some other missionaries, but was still dating someone nothing much happened.

Then school started. On the first day of classes we realized that we had class at the same time in the same building, pretty close to each other, and that we both had an hour break right after. We starting spending that hour together. Talking, laughing, eating, it was really fun.

Not long after, I broke up with my boyfriend. I did it because I realized that I was much happier around Cody than I was around him. That is when Cody and I started dating...the end of August the beginning of September. I knew pretty quick that he was a keeper.

On December 2 he proposed in a game of hangman. On January 18 we were married in the Mt. Timpanogos temple.

So there you have it...the short of it at least. And just in time for Cody to get home.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Delicious Easter Treats

Every Easter (that I can remember) my family makes our very own special Easter Treats. They are kind of like a homemade Reese peanut butter cup. The only difference is they are not in cups, instead you roll them into an egg shape...get it...eggs, baby chicks, Easter, etc. It just fits in. I figured that it would only be fair if I shared this wonderful treat with all of you.

Peanut Butter Dough

3 Tbls peanut butter
1 cup of powdered sugar
3 Tbls melted butter
1/2 tsp vanilla

Blend peanut butter, melted butter, and vanilla. Knead in sugar until smooth.
Shape into eggs and refrigerate (We usually do it over night, but I think 3-5 hours is good)

Dipping Chocolate

1 inch paraffin wax (the stuff you use for canning)
6 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate chips

Melt chocolate and wax in a double broiler or over the lowest heat on the stove. Dip eggs in chocolate, several times if needed. Allow them to cool. Decorate with frosting tips as desired.

The best part is that you all dip them in chocolate together. Then when the chocolate hardens you decorate them with those tubs of frosting you get at the grocery store. Usually we make one hug egg for each person, then they decorate it with their name. Each egg is placed in a separate Easter basket. That way when they get hidden and you go looking for them, you knows whose is who.


(We also have recipes for mint and coconut, in case anyone would like to give them a try...they are delicious as well)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Taylor's Birthday

Yesterday was the birthday of my amazing friend Taylor. I love her and appreciate her very much. She has contributed, in large part, to who I am today.

I have seen people, on occassions like this, create poems using the letters in someone's name...this one is for you ReBecca.

Like (an)


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Softball Mit

Today was a GREAT day, because I got a new softball mit. I met my wonderful husband for lunch, and after an excellent meal of mongolian food we headed to the store. That is when I found it, a black and gray easton (this was the closest picture I could find).

The best part of it was that later on in the day we went on a date to the park to play catch. The weather was perfect and my aim/arm was still pretty good (its been a few years since i played, almost 7). We are getting ready for our coed softball team...I can hardly wait. Oh how I love playing softball. It is one of the greatest joys of my life. Even now just writing about it I feel gitty and excited.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vacations and Family Fun

This week is spring break and I am really excited about school and less work equals a much better life. Not to mention the fact that the weather is beautiful in Utah, sunny and great. Then, to top it off, Cody and I just found out that in April we get to go to Disneyland with Heidi, her kids, Berioska, and Josue. Excellent.

When we get back from Mickey and Minnie's home land, we head to DC with my mom. She has some conference she was invited to for powerful women in the workplace. My mom is seriously inspiring. That woman can do almost anything. If you don't know her yet, shame on you. Anyway, while she is learning away with the elite, Cody and I will get to visit a few of the people we love from our mission (Go DC South). God is really being awesome to us...he usually is though. It's just his nature. I have no idea what I have done to deserve it, but I sure am grateful...more than I can say.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Times

I was trying to avoid writing anything new in boycott of the fact that the video of Cody and his brothers dancing at the wedding didn't work. It still makes me mad when I think about it...grrr...I am going to keep trying though. It is an experience that you all must have.

As for the new, my phone still wont text...okay that isn't new, but it really bothers me. I did find out, however, why it happened. Apparently my sister's husband decided to change the plan that our phones are all sharing. This plan includes no text messaging. Who the crap gets a plan with no text messaging? Get with the times my friend. My sister Heidi, his wife, went to switch it back, but apparently he set it so only he has authorization to make any new changes. Loser. I can't really complain though, I do get a free cell phone. No monthly bills. No hassle. Do you think it is worth it?

I do feel regret for blaming my poor phone. It has been with me through a lot and I turned my back on it the first chance I got. Oh technology. Once you have it, you can't really go back. Imagine what things will be like in 10 years...or when our kids are older...sick.