Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Strawberry Point

From Friday to Monday Cody, the boy, and I headed up to Strawberry Point to stay with Clarke, Sue, and Gordon (Cody's aunt and uncle) at their cabin. Oh, Zoee and Lulu came too. It was just east of Cedar City and incredibly beautiful.

Just after we showed up on Friday a 4 point buck came right up to the cabin. It was incredible.

The reason we were there was so Clarke and Cody (with a bunch of help from Gordon) could redo the porch. While they were sweating and working hard, I was reading the new Dan Brown novel, watching movies, and eating mini twix bars. It was a nice time, especially since our child was a little angel...at least during the day.

One night, however, Cody and I got to take the 4 wheelers up to the actual Strawberry Point and watch the sunset. The view was amazing. It was the best part of the weekend.

By the time Monday rolled around I was sufficiently dirty, but well rested and ready to take on the world...and so was Cody considering that he didn't even get to come home, but went straight to class. Only one more semester after this and he is done...thank goodness...

(Isn't he cute?)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lake Powell

Every year we spend the last week in August at Lake Powell. We leave Saturday afternoon, board the houseboat Saturday night, and Sunday morning set sail for a week in our favorite destination, Last Chance Bay.

It is beautiful and quiet, with waters so calm that even people like me look okay on a wake board. I loved every minute of being there (minus the ones where our child was screaming...).

Unfortunately for you (or maybe its fortunate), most of our pictures were taken on our video camera and I have not yet figured out how to retrieve them. Maybe next year...

The boy out grew his 0-3 month clothes at 2 months, so his rash guard never quite made it over his belly.

The boy, his life jacket, and some sun block.

Our happy little family on the last day there.

Our happy big family on the last day there, with Moon Shadow in the background.

Sorry guys, that's all we have.
Until next year...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

For Mima Part 2

As of about 2 weeks ago our little guy learned this new trick...

Yesterday he made it to 3 months and has never been better.
-He can roll pretty efficiently from stomach to back.
-He thinks he is older and bigger than he really is, because he only wants to sit or stand. Laying down is just way too last month.
-He loves his walker, even though his feet can't touch the ground and his forehead bangs against the toy in front of him (thanks Amy for letting us borrow it).
-He HATES the swing.
-He loves noisy places, but not random loud noises.
-He is always happy in the mornings. You can get him to laugh for hours...until nap time, then the laughing comes to a dead halt.
-He loves his mommy and daddy. He always gets happy when I pick him up or when daddy comes home from work or school.
-He will only sleep on his side, probably because he has such bad acid reflux. Poor boy.

Baby boy, we sure love you.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lake Powell

Lake Powell was AWESOME...

One day, when I'm feeling more adventurous, I'll prove it.