Monday, January 31, 2011

More Family Photos

Here are a couple of sample photos sent to me from our shoot on Saturday.

Ignore my hugeness. I already know its gross.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today Camdon's best buddy Payton came to visit us at Cody's shop. It is so cute when they get together. Thanks Craig and Whitney for the visit, the Dr. Pepper, the mechanic skills for my stupid car, and most of all the Coors Light. Ha ha.

We are sure grateful for our friends.

(Okay, someone actually was concerned about the Coors Light comment; understand that it is a joke, one of those inside kind. Don't you worry your pretty little heads.)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anniversary #3

Its 11:48 and I should be trying to get some sleep (especially since I feel exhausted), but instead I am texting Cody and counting down the minutes to our 3rd anniversary. Go us. We made it past the average marriage length in the United States, or at least equal to it.

It has been an interesting, stressful, scary, and amazing ride.

3 years, 1.5 kids, 10 different jobs (between the two of us), 4 moves, 4 live-in guests, and plenty of vacations.

I could go on, but instead I will just say that I am grateful for all that I have right this very instant. I am one lucky gal.
Camdon's face is amazing in this. Ha.

Pregnancy + Photos = Disgusting

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Short Hair

So, I cut my hair. I haven't had it this short since I was about 12. That would be 14 + years ago (I'm 26, incase you were trying to figure it out. Old as dirt.)

I know you are all DYING to see the very high quality camera phone pictures I took. Ha.

So far I have been told that the hair cut makes me look like I'm in High School (thank you Cody) and that it makes me look more mom-ish (thank you Jenn). I'm not sure looking young or looking like the part I play in life are bad, but I'm still trying to figure out if they are good. Hmmm.

As for me, I welcome the change. Either way, its just hair.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Reflection/2011 Resolution

Okay, the moment of truth. Here is a list of my resolutions for 2010. Let's see how I did...

1. Take time out each day for just me...even if its only 15 minutes. I haven't done this is a long time.
Done and done. Proof through the fact that I ran a marathon...among other things. 

2. Finish and publish "Pinky and the Witch" for my late grandpa that I love very much.
Nope. Although I did attempt it. I never finished. I am ashamed, it really wasn't that hard...just time consuming.

3. Become a better wife.I have tried. I think that I am, at least a little. Minus the craziness that comes with pregnancy :)

4. Become a better cook.
My cooking has improved significantly. I have also been told on several occasions that I make the best chocolate chip cookies EVER. Now, that is a big feat.

5. Finish at least one round of P90X.
Nope. I made it 6 weeks (half way) and gave up. I blame it on the yoga section that lasts almost 2 hours. Camdon just never let me have that much time to myself.

We have a few family goals too, but those I can use Cody to be accountable for...and with.
A few of our family ones included Family Home Evening, Prayers, and Scripture Study. We did better than I thought. And, continue to improve. The others had to do with debt, which we didn't do as well with, mainly because we just started our own business. So, ya.

3 for 5, not too bad.

This next year I want to:

1. Cook/Eat/Live healthier. I should be more specific as to how, but whatever.

2. Grow a garden (small, but successful - unlike the 2010 disaster)

3. Learn a new skill. I have a few ideas which include: piano, french, InDesign, photoshop, something to do with sewing, etc. I haven't decided on which yet.

4. Potty train Camdon.

I told Cody that one goal was to give birth to a healthy baby, and he gently reminded me how it is out of my hands and not a worthwhile thing to put as a goal. So, I will just be healthy and hope it translates.

Dang you Cody.

We came up with a few more family ones as well. But, this post isn't meant for them, just me. ha.

Friday, January 7, 2011

18-ish Months

I haven't done a Camdon update for a while so, here goes.

He is now (almost) 19-months-old. I have no idea his percentages because I forgot his doctors appointment. Whoops. But, I do know he is small for his age.

He peed through his clothes; this was all we could find.

Yesterday at the Aquarium. He sure loves animals.

He can say pretty much anything you ask him too, although only Cody and me can understand it all.

Things he says:
  • Foof = Food
  • Ginch = Started out at the Grinch, but now means drink.
  • Speaking of the Grinch, he also says, "The, the, the Grinch" like on the movie.
  • Dumb = Down
  • Peep = Pee, Poop, Spilling Something, Falling, Being Dirty
  • Cooch = Cookie (makes me laugh every time)
  • Beat = Blankie and binki
  • Shoesocks = Shoes and socks, however to him they cannot be separated. He wont wear one with out the other.
  • Kay = yes
  • Two-Tree = What he calls anything that is/has more than one (if that makes sense).
  • He knows the sounds and names of most animals (and LOVES to read books about them)
Things he does:
  • When he is mad he holds his head very still and glares at you out of the corner of his eye.
  • Also when he is mad, he starts hitting himself in the head. Then looks at me like I hurt him.
  • He will run into whatever room I'm in and say "Hug?" give me a hug, then run out.
  • Every morning when I get him out of his crib he asks for juice and the "Alma" or "Fefy" (Nephi) movie.
  • When other kids do something mean or that he doesn't like, he'll walk up to them shaking his finger and say "No, no!"
  • He runs, never walks.
  • He LOVES to dance. He can dance in our living room for hours, as long as the beat is right.

His favorite stuff:
His beat
Movies (Alma, Fefy, Nemo, and Cars)

Camdon is all boy; silly, mischievous, and loves to tease. He is also extremely sweet and extremely sensitive. If he hears anyone crying or yelling for any reason, he gets very concerned...even if its in a movie.

Boy oh boy, we love him. And, we are excited for his little brother Kyler Roy to come.