Monday, June 14, 2010

Utah Valley Marathon

Saturday I ran the Utah Valley Marathon with Holly, Chantelle, Tyler, Caleb, Hayley, Andrea, and Emily.

I stuck with Hayley for the first half. It was pouring rain and freezing cold, but we kept on going.

Then we parted ways, as the wind blew down the Provo canyon and against my back forcing me to keep running.

I felt pretty good until I hit the 20 mile mark, which was just after I passed Cody, Donny, and the rest of the family waiting on the side of the road.

The last 6 miles seemed to take as long as the first 20. I was dead. And, I was kicking myself for not training better. Running once a week just wasn't enough.

I finally made it to the end. The time on the clock when I passed said 4:52. I'm not sure what my official chip time is, but my goal was 5 hours.

That day and the next I felt really sore. Today I can just feel it in my left achilles tendon, which I believe I tore since I can barely walk on it.

I do not think I will be running another marathon, but it was a good experience to try once. I guess I should thank Tyler for tricking me into it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Meeting

Today our family of three had a meeting with some people that could potentially be very important for our future. We were supposed to meet at 11, but we arrived at 10:40.

Cody decided to use the extra time to deposit some money in the bank. As we were waiting in the drive through, we smelled something nasty coming from the back seat. So, after we made the deposit, we pulled over to check it out...with now 10 minutes until our meeting.

That little child of ours had ANOTHER blow out. Poop was everywhere. On his face, arms, legs, pooled in the car seat, on the binky that was in his mouth. It was incredible. We weren't sure what to do. We went to clean him off, only to find that the wipes were all gone. Of course.

So, Cody ran to the nearest store to buy more wipes. Unfortunately for us it was a health food store, so all they had were these stupid organic wipes that did not work at all and a $2 roll of crappy paper towels.

Now there was 5 minutes until the meeting.

As I cleaned him off, the boy screamed bloody murder. Cody tackled the car seat. The people in the car next to us just stood and watched, which is understandable. It's hard to look away from that much nastiness.

0 minutes until the meeting, Cody calls to buy us 10 more minutes.

We finally get things as clean as was reasonable to continue, put the boy in a new outfit, and took off down the road. We arrived 10 minutes late, flustered and frustrated.

Then, during the 45 minutes we were meeting, our dear sweet child screamed, wriggled, cried, threw fits, threw his binky at the other people's heads, and was the worst I have ever seen him. It was awesome. I told the people at the meeting I was sorry. I promised he is a better boy than that.

Then, relieved that the ordeal was finally over, we got back into a car that smelled so bad I almost vomited.

Oh, the life of a parent.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Just a few things that have been going on...

1. Cody got one, and maybe even another, new job.
2. We decided to move to Salt Lake county, now we just need to figure out where.
3. We went to the drive-in for the first time this summer.
4. We went to Idaho to watch Chelsea and Katelyn graduate.
5. From Idaho we went to Nevada to help my brother Daniel with his campaign.
6. We had our first experience with Memorial Day in Caliente, NV, which included a 3 block long parade (that we were in).
7. While in Nevada we made a quick trip to visit Clarke in St. George.
8. On our trip Cody and the boy got sick, leaving a lot of puke and poop to clean up.
9. I did not get sick.
10. We had a BBQ at Ken and Babata's.
11. Cambodia (you're welcome Katelyn) started swim lessons and is now part fish.
12. We went to a Bee's game with Vaughn and Shelby, most of which was spent chatting.
13. The marathon is this Saturday, and I have been really bad at training, so it might kill me.

Thats all I can think of for now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It Was My Birthday

Yesterday was my 26th birthday (in case any of you forgot and would like to send a last minute gift) and Cambo's first day of swim lessons. He didn't love it, but was better today. So, I am hoping by the end he'll be a pro.

Thanks Shelby and Bri for joining the class with us. We sure like you guys!