Sunday, August 31, 2008

We Are Back

We are back from 7 days at Lake Powell, but currently hanging out in Idaho. We sure like it here. Being with family is always a treat...well, maybe not ALWAYS. haha.

I will post pictures later...for anyone who might care. Cody has some sweet ones from wakeboarding.

P.S. It looks like most people want their kids to have a positive outlook...and for themselves, the same thing won, BUT good looks was second place. Very interesting.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Toilet Stall

Yesterday, while at UVU, I really had to go to the bathroom. As I was doing my thing someone entered the stall next to me. This lady/girl/whoever obviously had some intestinal/gas/diarrhea issues. As she relieved herself, I got a sudden wave of the giggles. This immature reaction of mine puzzled me (to an extent).

I mean, everyone goes to the bathroom...don't they? We all have similar issues at some point in our lives. We see baby poop/dog poop/old people poop all the time (well, maybe not ALL the time) and don't always end up in hysterics. So why then, is such a common thing, while in public, so dang funny? and embarrassing? and awkward? if we all do it all the time?

And, why do I feel so uncomfortable when I am in the persons same situation? My guess is because I know someone is probably giggling in the stall next to me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One of Those Days

Do you ever have those days where everything seems to be going wrong? Where all you want to do is curl into a little ball and hide from the world? That was the kind of day I had today. I could list all of the reasons why, but I don't really feel like reliving it. All I know it that it really sucked.

On a positive note, however, one of my favorite mission companions is in town and staying at my very house. She is from Ireland, but currently living in northern England. I love her and I am so glad that she is here with her husband. I know it probably weirds them out, but I can't get enough of their accents. They are just amazing. Plus they say funny things all the time that I don't quite understand, and I like it.

Maybe later I will post a picture of these kind souls. Until then I will resume my curled in a ball hiding spot and wollow in self pity. If anyone feels like bringing me ice cream, I am totally okay with it.

P.S. I am still having a hard time figuring out why some people think the pros of having a dog outweigh the just aren't rewarded enough for all of the time and work you have to put in. Maybe I am just heartless...or maybe its the bad day talking.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I Started My New Job

Today was my first day at my new job. It was short and sweet (only 4 hours instead of my usual 8), but I really liked it. I had a few assignments waiting for me, so it was nice to be able to jump right in and get going. I'll keep you, those of you who might actually care, updated on how things go.

Yay Utah Valley...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Tonight we lost least we are improving. 4 of our players had never even played softball before. So I figure we're not doing too bad. Maybe one of these days we'll win.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Caleb's Birthday

Happy happy birthday Caleb dear. Happy days will come to you all year. If I had one wish then it would be a happy happy birthday to you from me.

Here is your name poem.

Like (He's)

This picture is funny.

Poll Results

Here are the poll results:

I consider myself to be:
4 (14%)
12 (44%)
1 (3%)
2 (7%)
Somewhere in the middle
8 (29%)
None of the above
0 (0%)
Votes so far: 27

I consider myself to be a member of this party because:
My parents and/or family is
6 (25%)
I grew up that way
1 (4%)
I studied and believe in their/the policies
10 (41%)
I don't know
5 (20%)
I don't care
2 (8%)
Votes so far: 24

I thought it was interesting that 3 people didn't even say WHY they were from the party they selected. My guess is they didn't have the guts to admit that they really have no clue...wimps. haha. Thanks for participating. I enjoyed it.

This poll sprung from a lunch I had with a few family members a while back. I hope they aren't embarrassed or upset that I use them as an example (I mean no harm or was more an enlightenment for my personal endeavors). We (my mom, an aunt, a cousin, and a grandma) were discussing the up coming elections (this was when Mitt Romney was still in the picture) and they were all talking about how Mitt will win and how the Democrats are all evil.

They also discussed supposed schemes and evil doings of some politicians and how if Mitt happened to lose (which would be a disaster), it would be because they knew he was too good for the job...its too long and hard of a plot to explain now. I just sat back and listened. Then, just to see the reaction I mentioned how I liked a few of Obama's ideas, in particular a plan he had proposed for college students. I mentioned it mainly to my mother. She, being a former Republican mayor, quickly responded why I was wrong.

They began to discuss this, and Republican pride returned. This was all fine and well. I don't mind that people have an opinion. What I thought was the most interesting and disappointing was my cousin. She joined in the trash talk. It wouldn't have been bad had she known what she was talking about. But I noticed that all of her "points" as to why her candidate should win were either false or came from someone else at the table. You, or at least I could tell quick that she really didn't know what she was talking about. Yet, she is a devout Republican.

Since then my mind has raced. I wonder HOW MANY people out there act the same way. Instead of finding truth for themselves, they just go along with the familiar; having no mind of their own. I dated a kid once that told me that it was a good thing I was Republican, because he couldn't marry someone that was anti-American. What does that even mean? That kid knew less about politics than anyone I have ever met.

I could go on, but you get my point. I just wish people would not be so ignorant. I don't care what you chose to follow, but the LEAST you could do is know a concrete reason WHY.

I am way too intense about all of this, aren't I?

Now, check out the new poll. haha.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Looking for a Vet

Alright all you dog lovers out there, I need your help.

Cody and I are looking for a vet for Zoee. Cody doesn't want just a regular wannabe IHC for animals type place, but a real vet that we can grow to know and love. Someone that will actually care about our cute little mutt.

Any ideas or suggestions?

My Racing Mind

One of my favorite things to do is think. I love to go on walks, or jog, or just sit so that I have time to sort out life in my head. I also like to bring in the big man upstairs when I ponder, just to know what he thinks too. I have all of these worries and questions that I want answered. Maybe I am just weird, but a lot of them have to do with our country and the economy. I am sure that if you have read any of my other posts regarding these issues, you'll understand.

I heard this morning on the radio (Go NPR! haha) that even more economists are losing hope in the future of our country. That doesn't sit well with me. I wonder how a person can do that. How is it that we allow ourselves to get into these slumps? It seems like there should be, there has to be a way to pull ourselves out, not just scrunch our eyebrows and say everything that going wrong. I just don't know what it is, at least not for the country as a whole. That is another thing I think about. What can I do to change life? Or to influence change? Can I really do anything at all? If I can't, who can?

I believe that too many people sit back, live their lives, and don't ask needed questions. We just accept what goes on around us, like we are incompetent. Just look at my poll, only 39% say that they are actually informed on the party they claim to be a part of. The people we support and vote for influence our lives 100%, but we don't care enough to learn about them? Does that not bother you at all? Maybe I am just fanatical, but would you ever marry someone you know nothing about; buy a car or a house you have never seen? I wouldn't, but I might be too cautious.

Really though, how often do we step back and evaluate what we are doing and how it is influencing the people, places, and things around us? Our actions (or lack thereof) make a difference, bad or good.

I think I just have a different outlook than most. Or, maybe I don't. But, I say this because I don't give up. I don't sit back and let things that matter (or should matter) go unnoticed. I don't take losing or accept defeat like most people. I just know that something good will happen if I put forth the effort. I don't give in to despair or allow things to influence me like they seem to do to other people. I refuse. I really believe that a difference can be I just have to figure out how to get the ball rolling. Any suggestions?

I am sure this post is very boring for most of you...if you got this far. It wasn't really meant to entertain, more it was written to get some things out of my head.

P.S. The other day I took Zoee on a walk and got attacked by another dog...just one more reason I don't like animals. They keep proving me right over and over. haha.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Coed Softball

We lost our softball game yesterday 14-2. I am hoping next Thursday we do better.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Stranger's Life

Have you ever noticed that on occasion complete strangers feel the need to share their deepest and sometimes darkest secrets with you? Why is that?

One morning, when I was about 16, my mom decided to take me to McDonald's for breakfast before she dropped me off at school (I would have driven myself had I not totaled my car a few months earlier, almost killing myself).

While I was eating she got an urgent business call and went out to the car to talk. During this time I noticed a woman staring at me from the next booth over; with her were 2 little boys. After a few minutes of staring, this is what she said to me:

"You look just like my sister."

I just kind of sat there and smiled. I think I may have said thanks. I was 16, I really didn't know how to respond.

"I left my husband this morning."

She started to cry.

"I found out he was having an affair."

She cried more, but said nothing else.

I, still not knowing what to do/say, got out of my seat, sat next to her, and put my arms around her. It seems silly that I would do that to a stranger (I wasn't a big hugger in the first place), but in the moment it felt very appropriate.

She just cried for a few minutes as I held her. It was slightly awkward, but I would have done whatever I could in that moment to help.

When my mom came back in she gave me the strangest look, but after told me that "sometimes people just need to talk. It doesn't matter to who."

I never saw that woman again. I don't even know her name. It was just a random event.

I had a similar experience, minus the crying and with different personal issues, yesterday. She is my new neighbor. I like her, but experiences like that still confuse me.

Tandem Bike

Yesterday Cody and I went to visit my sister Holly and her family. They live a few minutes down the road from our new house. Right as we arrived they were headed on a family bike ride, we decided to join in and got the chance to ride the tandem. It was awesome, besides when I almost fell off the back as we were headed down a big hill.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Weak Arms

A couple months ago Cody and I went to Idaho to spend the weekend with his family. While we were there I noticed a pull up bar in the hallway by the kitchen. After seeing it I got the urge to try it, however, I have very weak arms and was embarrassed.

After a little while of me eying it, everyone began making attempts...right down to my mother-in-law. She did 3 full pull ups. When I saw this I figured that if she could do it, I could do it. Right?? Well, I walked up to the bar, got in perfect position, let my weight hang on my arms, and then pulled with all my might. I moved about 6 inches, hung there for a few seconds, and then gave up. How humiliating. I couldn't even do ONE, I couldn't even do half of one.

Ever since that day Cody has been giving me crap about my wait, my VERY weak arms. Getting tired of this, I decided that I would start doing a few push ups in the mornings after I go on my jog (sometimes walk). The first time I tried was Monday. I did a whopping 3 girl push ups. HA HA HA HA HA. Let me say that again...I did 3 GIRL PUSH UPS. To make it worse, the next day my shoulders were actually sore. How ridiculous is that? Last night I improved to about 15, but still...GIRL PUSH UPS!

If anyone has any good at home arm strengthening tips, let me know, because I am just pathetic.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Family Reunion

Cody and me at the Mink Family Reunion. My sister had to take this twice because I always look really horrible in pictures. I am not what you would call photogenic. But nonetheless, I like it.

My Flossing Question

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine about flossing. We were discussing the best time to floss. You see, I brush my teeth, floss, and then rinse with mouth wash. She, on the other hand, flosses and then brushes. We wondered about which way was correct. Which should you do first? We came to no real conclusion.

Shortly after this talk I went to the dentist. While sitting in the chair, dreading my time, I decided to pose this question to the dental assistant. She seemed nice enough. When I asked her she said (with a look of disgust on her face):

"You shouldn't just be flossing when you brush your teeth. You should be flossing every few hours during the day. So there really isn't an answer that I can give you, besides floss more."

Ha ha ha.

She then went on to tell me all about flossing. I thought it was slightly insulting, but funny at the same time. I did, however, have some cavities so I guess she is probably right. Then again, that was my first trip to the dentist in over 3 year. Sick, I know, but I really don't like it there.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


That is what we named our puppy. She is such a GOOD dog. I am proud of her. She is calm and loving. She is a little sensative when you get mad at her, but she is potty training nicely and getting into a good groove. She is our replacement child until we graduate from college.

The double e was Cody's idea. I guess it makes her that much more unique. haha.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Here is our new puppy. She immediately loved Cody and follows him all around the house. I think she can sense my hesitation.

BUT, one of these days I will win her over.

Does anyone have and good ideas for a name? (We were thinking Mickinley, Pearl, and Zoe)