Monday, February 7, 2011

This and That

I have this problem where I will do almost anything to not have to go to bed. Anything. Watch the weirdest, dumbest shows online, read random blogs of people that I have never met nor will ever meet, look up any and all questions I have (or anyone else has for that matter) about pretty much anything. I will even get up out of bed when a random question comes into my head, just to check it out. Its pathetic.

I think I do this because it is the only time of day I get to myself. With a work-a-holic husband who runs his own business, freezing cold weather, and a clingy 1-year-old I don't get out much or do a lot for myself. So, at night I take whatever I can get. Tonight, I am blogging.

I love my son. He has become such an awesome little being to be around. I love his age and all that he is able to do.

Today, for no reason in particular, he decided that he needed to hug everyone he met. He tried to hug the lady at the DMV, the old man in line behind us at the DMV, the checker at Smiths, the bagger at Smiths, and he DID hug a man at the shop that had come in to meet with Cody; the man graciously hugged Camdon back.

Along with hugging, he has felt the need to acknowledge and speak to every solid thing within a room. When we walk in the front door he says hi to the couch, the TV, the table, his cars, blocks, stuffed animals, whatever he sees. The other day we had a bit of coloring time, and he would not let me leave the house until he said goodbye to every single thing I had drawn for him; horse, frog, flower, house, fish, etc.

It is hilarious.
I find myself laughing at him, almost in tears, at least twice a day. It makes the annoyingly cold weather outside and my boring life that much easier to bear.

I love him.

Now, I better go watch Jersey Shore (don't mock), read a few chapters of Lord of the Rings (I finally made it to the last book), then maybe I'll consider sleeping...maybe.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I'm a pretty even keeled person. It takes a lot for me to get angry, or hyper, or whatever else. I'm usually just fairly pleasant, but not too exciting. Boring, I know. But, when I am pushed to my limit, it can be more bad than good.

To say the last few days in the Hopkinson household have been stressful would be an understatement. And, as a result, I have not been a pleasant person. I have been angry and stressed, and maybe even a little mean (okay, a lot mean). I know, I am probably the only person in the world who has ever felt or acted that way...or openly admitted it.

I tried to get over the way I felt. I tried to have a positive attitude. I even tried baking cookies for the neighbor (which burned), writing thank you notes, playing games, reading my scriptures, praying, but my anger and anxiety just kept building. That's when God decided to intervene. I hate that he waits until you are at your whits end. In a few seconds my entire mood changed.

Here's how:

Camdon was down for a nap and I was trying to clean up the tornado he caused while he was awake. In the process of cleaning I turned quickly, right into the corner of our entertainment system, splitting my knee open. It hurt like crazy, so I hopped around to find a seat. In the mean time I stubbed my toe, hard, and then hit my funny bone on another corner of the same entertainment system. By the time I finally made it to the piano bench, blood was running down my leg, I was hurting all over, and I was laughing.

It only took about 15 seconds, but I could almost feel God shaking his finger at me, telling me to just CHILL OUT. Its unfortunate that the only way he could get my attention was pain :)

Although the stresses were still there, the day ended much better than it started. Thankfully.