Friday, November 28, 2008

The Parasite

SO... Hanna hasn't felt great these days. For a long time she's had intestinal problems and she frequently gets stomach aches. If she's too hungry then her stomach hurts and cramps, and if she eats too much then she wants to throw up. It's been that way for awhile apparently. The poor little gal. But, I began to worry I finally took her to the doctor. When I took her to the doctor they said that it sounds like she might have something wrong, so they began the typical investigation. Poking and prodding, pushing and pulling, bloodwork and urination, you know the drill. So we awaited the verdict. Turns out tests were positive for a parasite. We couldn't believe it. How did this happen? What do we do for it? He reassured us that if she takes the right pills and eats right then the pain will subside in a couple of months. I of course was in a panic and the fears of how we are going to be able to afford this parasite problem was a big question mark. But, alas, the doctor reassured us that most people learn to love and adore these things and they even give them a name and that we'll probably spend the rest of our lives worrying about it's well being and end up loving it more than we could comprehend.

Well, we've spent the last couple of months reading up and getting healthy and getting ready for this things arrival and just the other day we went in for a check up and it seems to be growing very rapidly. He said it even has it's own heartbeat! And we HEARD IT! So bizzare.

So nevertheless and notwithstanding, if you haven't figured it out yet, we could use your prayers and support because Mrs. Fertile Myrtle's gonna have a BABY! And it's supposed to be ripe and ready for the pickin' on June 12, 2009. So there you have it. Giddy Up.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Thoughts on Twilight

Well, yesterday I saw Twilight with some old high school buddies, and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised. I heard it was HORRIBLE from several people. So, I expected HORRIBLE, like made for TV movie horrible, and it surpassed my expectations.

The only thing I really didn't like about the movie, I also hated in the book, so I guess its fair. I don't like that the writer never goes very deep with the characters, how Bella and Edward go from hate to love in like 5 seconds, and that Bella is so obsessed with Edward for no real reason. Obsession like that is never healthy or good. I always wanted her to end up with Jacob.

ANYWAY, there you have it. My lesson learned for the night was, go into movies with low expectations, that way you can leave happy. The only problem is that I am VERY EXCITED for the next Harry Potter movie. Please, oh please, let that one be amazing, or I may just cry myself to sleep.

p.s. I still don't think that Edward was very cute

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This weekend I have tickets to see the movie Twilight. I know I have talked about this before, or maybe I haven't, but let me first preface my comments with the fact that I read every one of the books in the series.

When I first came back to Utah after my 18 month stint in DC, I heard ravings about this new vampire book. When someone described what it was about I was automatically turned off, but then I kept hearing about it. So, curiosity overpowered me and I headed to the book store to buy a copy.

I read about the first 100 pages and was bored out of my mind, but my drive to understand why it was so popular kept me going. I have to admit, the ending did get better. I repeated this cycle with the rest of the books, skipping hundreds of pages at a time in hope of finding a part that wasn't boring, but never really managing to find that awesomeness that everyone else found.

I pondered greatly about this. To me, it was like yogurt...something that I felt like I should enjoy, but every time I tried it out I hated it. Yet, I still always made myself try. While pondering, something dawned on me. I realized WHY, at least in my opinion, this book was such a great hit, especially in the LDS community.

The main plot of the story, up until the last book at least, is wrapped around this idea of sexual tension. I don't think most women actually realize this as the appeal to them reading it, but think about it, and think about being LDS. Sexual tension is huge in this culture. Its something forbidden, but only to a point. Something that drives you mad, that you want so bad, but can't have. See the correlation?

Maybe that is why I didn't like them. I'm not sexually charged enough, or things that are forbidden like that don't intrigue me like they do other people. That's my take on it anyway. But, I insist on trying to fit in, so this weekend I am heading with some of my friends to one of the earliest showings. Awesome, right? I will be happy to be with them no matter how the movie turns out.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Words To Ponder

My mom sent this to me today in an e-mail. It seems very fitting for this day and time. Especially regarding a certain instance in California. Its long, but be strong and read on...

"Make no mistake about it, brothers and sisters, in the months and years ahead, events are likely to require each member to decide whether or not he will follow the First Presidency. Members will find it more difficult to halt longer between two opinions. President Marion G. Romney said, many years ago, that he had 'never hesitated to follow the counsel of the Authorities of the Church even though it crossed my social, professional or political life.' "This is hard doctrine, but it is particularly vital doctrine in a society which is becoming more wicked. In short, brothers and sisters, not being ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ includes not being ashamed of the prophets of Jesus Christ...Your discipleship may see the time when such religious convictions are discounted...This new irreligious imperialism seeks to disallow certain opinions simply because those opinions grow out of religious convictions.

"Resistance to abortion will be seen as primitive. Concern over the institution of the family will be viewed as un-trendy and unenlightened...Before the ultimate victory of the forces of righteousness, some skirmishes will be lost. Even in these, however, let us leave a record so that the choices are clear, letting others do as they will in the face of prophetic counsel. There will also be times, happily, when a minor defeat seems probable, but others will step forward, having been rallied to rightness by what we do. We will know the joy, on occasion, of having awakened a slumbering majority of the decent people of all races and creeds which was, till then, unconscious of itself. Jesus said that when the fig trees put forth their leaves, 'summer is nigh.' Thus warned that summer is upon us, let us not then complain of the heat."

Elder Neal A. Maxwell, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
"A More Determined Discipleship", Ensign, Feb. 1979

Monday, November 17, 2008


Reading my sister Heidi's blog I was reminded the reasons why Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

I am sure as a child it started because every year we spent it at my aunt and uncle's house in Lake Arrowhead, California. I loved everything about being there...the smell, the mountains, the memories, and the trip to Disneyland every year the day after the big feast. That was my tradition growing up.

But, that wasn't the only Thanksgiving tradition. Another thing we do is, after we have all settled in our seats, but before we eat, we go around the table, youngest to oldest, and say what we are thankful for. Every year its the same. I say something lame like "food," I listen intently hoping that my parents mention me, and my aunt Susie cries. That is just the way it is, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

So, in this spirit of remembering what I am thankful for, and to add to my sis, here is a list of 5 things:

1. The opportunity to receive an education in a field of study that I love. Not everyone is granted the money or sometimes the know-how or will power to go to college, and even those that do aren't guaranteed to discover their passion for life. I have successfully done both, too bad my passion wasn't something that had the potential to actually make me money.

2. My husband. I don't give him enough credit, but honestly that boy does everything for me. He is incredible.

3. My knowledge of Christ, his reality, and his gospel. There are many religious cynics out there, but not me. I have the amazing opportunity, through various non-deniable experiences in my life, to know that there is indeed a Christ, that he lives, that he is keenly aware of me, and that through him I can obtain true happiness in this life and the life to come.

4. Family. Apart from my husband, I have a family whose awesomeness is tough to least in my eyes (and that includes my crazy in laws :)

5. A foot donut from the Lehi Bakery. They need no real explanation.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Update...This Time A Good One

Yesterday I received this message on Facebook...

This is ****** ******, and I found a bunch of your info, including your driver's license and other important identification info. Facebook was the only way I found contact info for you, so please get back to me if you want your stuff back. My phone number is ***-****. Otherwise, I will destroy it all in a safe way.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stolen From...Again

Well, I have become the target once again.

Today, I left work a little early so that I could run home, grab some files I needed, and head to an appointment I had. When I got home I realized that I was missing one thing from the files, a thing that only Cody had access to. So, I called him to get the password for it, so I could print it off and head to my appointment. Cody didn't answer, so I waited at home for him to return my call. About 20 minutes later he did, I got the paper I need, and I headed out the door.

When I got to my car, which had been parked in my garage, I realized there was this weird metal thing on my seat (pictured below)

I also noticed that my car was incredibly clean. No purse, no keys, no backpack, no books. I had left that stuff in there under the impression that I would only be inside for a second to grab the papers I needed. Unfortunately my 1 minute turned into about 30 minutes, but still. It wasn't that long.

I was robed, again. They took my social security card, credit cards, ID's, insurance card (which is a "special" one and irreplaceable), text books, the notebook that contains everything from notes to homework assignments (3 of which are due tomorrw), the keys to my car, house, office, mailbox, my favotire purse, my favorite wallet, and my backpack that I bought my first year of college which I love. People can be real douche bags (pardon my language) sometimes.

The worse part is that when I called to cancel my cards, I found out that all the banks are closed today. Yay for Veterans Day. And, the only other people that might have been able to help me, VISA, were completely incompetent. First of all because the woman barely spoke english, and second because she said there was no way to help me unless I could tell her the numbers on the cards. Well, I didn't have the numbers BECAUSE THE CARDS WERE STOLEN. I was a little testy (by a little I mean a lot) while I talked to her on the phone. I had to spell my last name for her FIVE TIMES. If I had the power to reach through the phone and strangle her, I would questions asked.

Cody and I seem to be targeted with this kind of stuff more than the average person. And if cops in the United States had half a brain to do their job, it wouldn't be such a big deal. Unfortunately, cops are like the ones that talked to me today which say, "I'm sorry that happened to you, but there is nothing we can do about it." I believe he was a bigger moron than the foreigner on the phone from VISA. How do we let such idiots obtain jobs with that much power?

After all is said and done, today was not a good day. This is not what I need right now.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Laying Sod

On Saturday Cody and I went to a community project that was being held at the new park a block or so from our house. They needed volunteers to lay sod, so we came. Plus they offered free donuts and lunch (neither of which I ended up getting, unfortunately).

Anyway, I realize that I am not the most experience sod layer, and that I am not very strong (I mean, I can't even do a pull-up). However, that does not mean I am totally incompetent. The concept of laying sod is pretty simple.

What I did notice is that every time I carried a square over, laid it down and straightened it out, one of the guys (without fail) would come behind me and just touch it. Sometimes with their foot, sometimes with their hands. They wouldn't move the grass at all, because I had already laid it pretty straight and where it needed to be, but for some reason because I, a girl, was the one to put it there, the job was not done right until a man had approved it with some physical gesture.

This started to get on my nerves. I wasn't feeling well that morning anyway, not to mention I was volunteering, the last thing I needed was to be demoralized for my efforts.

One time, just to spite, I saw a guy coming behind me to inspect my work with his manly "touch," so I bent back down in his way so that he couldn't. I then "rearranged" the already well laid sod (I really am such a brat). And you know what, he waited there behind me until I was done, and then kicked it. Go figure.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day In California

It is interesting that in the state of California, Obama had a clear victory while Proposition 8 (as far as I have seen...minus a few million votes) was also passed.

Blue v. Red in the strongest, most contrast way.

What an interesting and incredible time we live in. It just blows my mind. These are the issues and the results that will mark our generation and our lives forever.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pictures And Stuff

I have been told that I need to put more pictures on this blog of mine, so here you go. I hope they don't disappoint you.

This is us at a Salt Lake Bees game with our favorite two foreigners, Caroline (Ireland) and Adam (England). She was one of my mission companions and I love her dearly. We also love is such a great sport.

Then, October 30 we headed to Kingsbury Hall to watch Thriller. I look forward to this every year. We took Cody's parents, along with some of our favorite friends, Cache, Hailey, Chad and Kim.

And last we have HALLOWEEN! I LOVE to dress up, but I am also very particular about it. I can't just be any lame thing like an angel, witch or cat (okay, so I have been both a witch and an angel before, but at least never a cat...haha). Those are so old school. People really need some originality these days.

Cody dressed up as a pinata and I was the bat...we made both the costumes ourselves, as I am sure you can tell. It made for some good quality family time.

Just The Other Day... Cody and I pulled into our garage and I was heading inside, Cody thought it would be funny to run ahead and shut the door on me. ha ha ha ha ha. As he did this, something swooped down at my head. I almost had a heart attack considering that someone at church had just been telling me all about rabies and animal attacks. I screamed and tried to get in the door before it could make another attempt on my life.

In hearing this, Cody and his brother Jake came rushing to the door. My crazed animal turned out to be a bird stuck in our garage. Apparently it couldn't figure out that the giant hole, where the garage door was, is the way outside to freedom.

Cody and Jake then spent the next 20 minutes coaxing it outside. It was pretty hilarious. If you look close enough you can see the bird to the right of the garage light.

They were like kids in a candy shop, just check out Jake's face.