Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Boy Things

A few things to remember about CamDonny.

He can walk. Although he prefers to crawl.

He LOVES to eat yogurt, chocolate, cheetos, and anything with pasta.

His favorite toys are his stuffed elephant, stuffed dog, pretty much anything stuffed, his lightening McQueen car, and his slide.

Words he can say:
Pretty much any word that ends in a K, since all he can say is the K
Cook = cookie
Dog = any and every animal, even some people
No, No

He shakes his head and finger at me to tell me no, then laughs hysterically.

He constanly tries to fit his head in the stair railing.

He still loves to hug, cuddle, and is always laughing and goofy...until we leave the house, then the stranger danger sets in again.

Thats all that I can think of right now. I'm distracted by America's Got Talent.


Well, a lot has happened in the last month and a half.

Cam turned 1.

We went to Bear Lake with the Childers clan.

We've been camping and boating and BBQing like crazy.

And, there were a couple of rodoes thrown in too.

We've had visits from family.

My sister Holly moved to San Diego :(

Cody's been working non-stop, even more now that the other manager quit.

We've also been getting ready to move. Although, all I have packed so far are our DVDs and my bathroom stuff. I guess that shows whats important to me.

We are excited, but sad and nervous to move. We really like where we are living and the friends we have made. Its going to be hard to leave them, but hardest of all to leave is Zoee.

Our new place doesn't allow pets (at least not yet, but we're working on them). I've never been a huge animal person, but it tugs at my heart strings to see how much my two boys love and will miss her.