Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For Mima

Our little guy just figured out how to laugh, and we luckily were there to catch it on camera.


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SOOOOOO precious.


Yay!!! I love it!


That is adorable. Good job getting it on camera so we could see!

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Vaughn and Shelby

This is so precious!


he sounds like his father.

Hailey and Cache

How sweet is that?! I want to come see you guys! Cache and I have a gift for little Camdon that we need to bring to you. We should get together next week if you guys are up to it.


Oh my gosh!! That is the cutest!!! I love that you got it on camera too! I need to be better at video taping! He is so cute Hanna...I love his chubby cheeks!

PS Our tentative plan is to build a home in South Jordan!


Thanks Camdon for the laugh! Mima LOVED it. You remind me soooo much of your daddy when he was a little boy! You couldn't be any cuter. Love you little boy, Mima(your biggest fan!)


He's adorable! what a cute little guy.


That is adorable!! I loved it! He is getting so big. It kind of makes me sad how fast he is growing up. He gets more cute every time I see him!


Cute!! :)


i think that is the cutest thing i've ever heard :)