Thursday, September 17, 2009

For Mima Part 2

As of about 2 weeks ago our little guy learned this new trick...

Yesterday he made it to 3 months and has never been better.
-He can roll pretty efficiently from stomach to back.
-He thinks he is older and bigger than he really is, because he only wants to sit or stand. Laying down is just way too last month.
-He loves his walker, even though his feet can't touch the ground and his forehead bangs against the toy in front of him (thanks Amy for letting us borrow it).
-He HATES the swing.
-He loves noisy places, but not random loud noises.
-He is always happy in the mornings. You can get him to laugh for hours...until nap time, then the laughing comes to a dead halt.
-He loves his mommy and daddy. He always gets happy when I pick him up or when daddy comes home from work or school.
-He will only sleep on his side, probably because he has such bad acid reflux. Poor boy.

Baby boy, we sure love you.