Thursday, October 7, 2010


Okay folks, we need your help.

Cody started his own shop. He has the tools, he has the wood, he has the space, now all he needs is a name.

That is where YOU come in. To the left of this post is a poll with the choices Cody (and Clarke) have been floating around. Now, we need your help to pick the best one.

Keep in mind:

The purpose of the shop is to create high end custom furniture, creative spaces (closets, craft rooms, offices), and pretty much anything your little heart can dream up, with a personal, unique touch.

(the first name listed in the poll would be "Cody Clarke" in big letters, with "woodworking, furniture, creative spaces" smaller underneath)

Now, vote away. And, leave a comment explaining your choice.



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Cody Clarke - woodworking, furniture, creative spaces was my pick. It sounds like a place that does specialty projects.

Furniture mill, sounds like a mill, where they crank out their work, like no big deal--less personal.

Wood Joinery is too confusing.

Tree Frog sounds like it would be for kids.



I am down with tree frog!

Just so ya know, I can help with the logo design. After all I am pretty good (at least that's what I think) :)


tree frog, easiest to remember.

The other ones aren't bad, just hte shorter and catchier the better? easier to write on checks, easier to put on a sign. That's what I think.

i like the cody clarke one too.


oh all the others are cody clarke...


Zach and Cristi Benedict

I liked the first one too because it explains what he can do for you right in the title! GOOD LUCK! :)


CODY CLARKE - creative woodworking and furniture. It wasn't a choice, but I think its a good option. Reagan came up with it actually, just cuz she said "Cody Clarke woodworking, furniture, creative spaces" was a mouth full.

Tree Frog is awesome but sounds like you would be doing kids woodwork. I mean, you could, but it just sounds like that is the main focus group if you use that name.

All the others I don't like. But if you decide on them, I will like them...for you, and only you.