Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Funny Stuff

Yesterday I was feeling a bit negative, if you couldn't tell by my post. And, I wish I could say today was better...

However, I do have a few funny conversations to write about:

Me: "You're doing a good job Camdon!" as he walks down the stairs all by himself.
Camdon: "I know Hanna."

(He also likes to call me Hanna Hooge, then laugh hysterically.)

Camdon: "Juice please."
Me: "If you want juice, just go get your sippy cup. You don't need to ask me."
Camdon: sits there for a minute, "FINE!" and stomps off.

Cody: "Hanna, why are you limping?"
Me: "I'm pregnant."

Cody: we are about to leave church, "Camdon, do you want to go see Mimi?"
Camdon: clenches both fists and shakes them in the air, while growling with excitement. What he meant to say was, "Yes."

Cody: "Cam, is it your turn to say the prayer?"
Camdon: "Uh huh." He then stands on his head, and folds his arms.

Camdon: not liking to do things alone, grunts out from a hidden corner, "Mommy poop too?"


Jacob and Melanie Hopkinson

What a funny kid. You need to just have that baby already.

AJ Johnson: A Family Co

I love that kid. And you.


What a seriously funny and cute kid. Good luck with the final countdown of your pregnancy-- hang in there.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I think you look terrific-- but you don't really want to hear that when you are sick of being pregnant and just want to be done.