Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just a Difference

I was told that the second child is usually the exact opposite of the first. The reason for this is unknown (at least to me). It could be a way to get attention; maybe for sheer competition; or, possibly just because God likes to see us parents struggle to keep up with each child's individual demands. Whatever the cause, I have already noticed it's truth.

When it comes to eating:
Camdon is demanding; he's always been that way. When he is hungry, he must eat right that second or else you have a serious melt down on your hands. Its not pretty.
Kye is lazy. He'll eat for a few seconds, look around, snack a bit more, grunt, go in for thirds...and fourths...and even fifths. I struggle to keep him interested long enough to get full.

When it comes to sleeping:
Camdon is But, in the beginning Cody and I dealt with a lot of ear piercing screams.
Kye doesn't cry, but he grunts and wiggles and squirms louder than any person I have ever heard. You might wonder how wiggles and squirms could be loud, but trust me his are.

When it comes to looks:
Camdon was born with pale skin and white hair.
Kye is tan with dark hair.

And, this is all noticeable in just 3 weeks. I wonder how the next 18 years will be...


.From Her.

So awesome! I love it.

My boys are polar opposites in EVERYTHING!!

Jacob and Melanie Hopkinson

So dang cute. Someday I would like to meet this little guy... Until then, more pictures! How is Cam reacting to being a big brother?