Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

This year for the 4th we headed to Delta with Caleb and Hayley.

We started out the day with a parade. Camdon was a little timid when it came to chasing the candy. Probably because all the bigger kids kept running him down.
Then we headed to Hayley's grandma's for a nap...which was much needed since I was up by 4:30 (thanks for that one Kye).

After the nap there was some lunch, a little wiffle ball and crochet, then it was off to the demolition derby.
Camdon loved it, Kye didn't as much. Half way through I ended up in the car with a sleeping baby and a wound up two-year-old, but it was still very much worth it.
We ended the night with a spectacular fireworks display, then headed back home.
We all had a great time. A big thank you to Bubba and Hay for the invite. (Don't judge their shirts too harshly, they were homemade.)




Their shirts are perfect! I miss you guys...I hate that we have never seen Kyler in person, what a bummer it is to live so far away from family. They both look so big!