Monday, June 18, 2012

While watching tv...

The last post was lame, but I wanted to at least acknowledge that Kyler had turned one, and show off our family pictures that my friend Amber took, because I liked every thing about them (well, except maybe me). How was that for a run on sentence. Things around the Hopkinson house have been crazy, like always. I love summer, but I feel like my life goes non stop for about 90 days straight. I guess I can't complain too much, because I have been having a lot of fun. As for new adventures, we are moving for the 5th time in our married life. Cody started a new job in May, and we are in the process of building our very own home. Exciting, scary, all of that. As for kids, Camdon turned three on Saturday. We had a huge family pirate party, with a treasure hunt and all. Camdon can't stop talking about it, and that makes me think it was a slamming success. Camdon might be the sweetest, most responsible three-year-old I've ever met. He is also my best friend (he shares that title with a few choice people). Kye just started walking, and now we can't get him to stop. He is a brute, loves all things boy, and has the happiest smile you'll ever encounter. Anyway, I'm typing this from my phone while watching a very intense show with Cody (not sure why I chose this particular moment to blog, but I did), so I'm going to end it. Is anyone even reading this still?


Jacob and Melanie Hopkinson

I'm reading it! I check all the time to see pics and see how you guys are doing. So excited about your house, and I can't wait to see those cute boys. And you guys...


I check it weekly! Where are you guys building your house at? Where is Cody working? You running any races? Where was my invite to the family birthday party for Camdon? ;-)

Jared & Shanee

We are reading. Love to see what's going on with your little fam and keep in touch. Sounds like life is crazy busy for you guys too. You all look great tho. Next time your up our way give us a call and we need to get together. Our boys would love to play with your boys. Fun that your building a house too. That's exciting. Hope we can catch up soon.