Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What's Going On Here 1-3

With the amount of time I spend online, you would think this blog would be hopping. It's not. But, for all of you random checkers who would still like to know what is going on in the Hopkinson world, I've got an update for you.

1. We built and bought our very first home. Well, technically we paid someone else to build it, but we picked everything out. We live in a great little community on a golf course, with a pool, tennis courts, and a couple play grounds. I love it here. I love our house. I love our neighbors. I am SO HAPPY to be somewhere least for now ;) Since Cody and I were married 5 1/2 years ago, we have moved SEVEN times. It was time for a change.

2. Kyler turned two and Camdon will be four in just a few short weeks. Those boys are a pain in the butt and incredible all at the same time.

3. I am pregnant. We will have another little Hopkinson baby running around sometime in October. Apparently the kids aren't THAT big a pain in the butt, since we're willing to have more. Plus, lets be honest, we have some beautiful children growing here. Whatever comes next will only be an improvement on the world.

Those are the major things. Cody is still working away as a Senior Accountant for a local company. I am still a Stay-at-Home Mom. We are all happy and healthy. Here are a few recent pictures to prove it.

Salt Lake Bee's game

Family Night reading

Tee Ball king, with Daddy as the coach