Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cody Here...

Hello all..... I figured it was about time I took charge around here and set some things straight. If you're looking at this blog it's probably because you received an announcement in the mail that Hanna and I were getting married. If you didn't then how in the heck did you find this and why are you here? Ha ha, just kidding.
Most of you that don't know me probably looked at the photo that you received with that announcement and your eyebrows instinctively scrunched toward the center and your lip may have done that snarl thing, and the words in your head went something like, "of all the fish in the sea?", or "she could have done much better than that"... If that's the case, you're now invited to log off and never return. No not you mom, you can keep reading.
I know that it is somewhat perplexing but Hanna is a great girl filled with charity and she was able to see through the physical weaknesses that are shown below and found that I'm an incredibly charming and funny man that would do pretty much anything that she wanted me to. Ok, Ok, Ok, so maybe I just found her deepest darkest secret and blackmailed her into marrying me....??? But hey, you know I'm pushing 27, showing signs of balding and going gray and I'm getting soggy around the mid section. What can I say?, you do what you gotta do.
Actually, I know that I'm very lucky to have Hanna and I couldn't be happier. You could say my life is pretty good.
For those of you here to find info on our reception or seeking gift ideas, keep in mind that you're not obligated to get us anything, we just love you and want you to come and eat and dance with us on friday night the 18 of Jan. Besides, we're both full time students and living in a tiny place in Provo that we nicknamed the Motel 6 because of it's beautiful smell. And we seriously love it, but there's not lot's of room for "stuff". So don't stress if you can't find that perfect gift. Just come on out anyway, you can make check or money order payable of course if you come empty handed we'll assume your wallet is full. Ha ha ha....
For those of you don't know me yet, I'm totally kidding.... I'm a little sarcastic, but Hanna's not going to be marrying a complete creep. I'm only sometimes a creep. So no emails or phone calls trying to run to her rescue please. Just relax. Bring your dancing shoes and get rid of that tension on the dance floor...
On that note, we are excited to see all of you and talk about "the good old days." However, we do not anticipate standing in line the entire evening and would like to have a little fun with our families and mingle with you our guests while you eat and dance. So plan to come and enjoy yourselves and we hope you don't dread coming in fear of standing in a line all night. If you want a little one on one time, we'd love to set up a time and do dinner. We love you all.
Well, I guess that's it... I just wanted to show my "face" online and say hi..... I'll see ya real soon.
Love Cody



Cody - This is your "cousin from AZ" - one of those crazy Goodmans! Your announcement was great! We are so excited for you! It sounds like you two are perfect for each other!
We have a blog too if you ever are super bored and wasnted something to do at 3 am -
- Kristi
Also - you should really get your crazy sisters to do a blog too so I can see more of ther adorable kiddos!


Code. . .Tosha here, yes I'm stuck in middle america Texas and this is a very cute blog, beautiful or should I say handsome couple photos! Good Job. All my best. Tosh

Jen Jen

CODE!! congrats!!! I got this website from good old Prina. I am still in St. George but I am trying to convince the hubby to come up because I would love to see you.....and all the cool people that will be at your wedding that I haven't seen in years. hehe!

Love and Happiness, Jen


Elder Hopkinson......please let me know if you served with Elder Fields in Virginia. You were his trainer when he got out there and he said you were the best. Please call or email me and let me know how I can get a hold of you.

Terry Fields