Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We're Back....

Hello Everyone!
We had a great wedding and consider the day a success! We appreciate everyone who showed up and for all your generosity with the gifts and cards. We're truly blessed with great people in our lives. It couldn't have gone better...
We just returned today from an excellent honeymoon of rest and relaxation. We went to Midway and stayed at the luxurious Zermatt Resort and Spa. There was lots of food, sleep, movies and hot tub. It was excellent.
We're now back in good old Provo and trying to work up the courage to face the reality of life again and the work, school and homework that is ahead of us, but it's good to be home in our tiny little stinky apartment that we affectionately call the Motel 6. (Because it smells like an old stale cigarette and about a million people have stayed here before us.) But it's home and it's ours and we love it.
Want everyone to know that we love you and appreciate you in our lives.



i'm glad that u tootsie pops had fun! the wedding and reception was way fun! love,
the grizzle beast

The Harrisons

It was so fun to see you again! We need to hang out soon. Call us!!