Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Worst Date Tag

Well, Jenn tagged me with the "worst date ever" tag.

The first story that came to mind, however, wasn't exactly MY date, but it was MY fault. So, I was set up on a date by my aunt/cousin Bobata. When the guy called me to figure out a date and time, I told him that I would be more comfortable if it were a double date and I brought a friend. He said that he would find a friend as well and we set it all up.

The night came and both guys stopped by my apartment to pick us up. They were cute, so it was a plus. We went to dinner, they paid of course, then went to one of their houses to watch a movie. During the middle of the movie my friend's date got up and left. We figured he was going to the bathroom or something. He didn't come back for the longest time, and when he finally did he had another girl with him. haha. So the five of us finished the movie. I didn't know what to make of it. Pretty soon my friend's date left with the other girl, and my date drove us home.

Seriously, I still don't know what they were thinking. Sorry Kendal.

Oh, I just remembered one more. I had been dating a guy for a little while, like 2 or 3 months, and we went to a movie. As we walked past the concessions stand I asked if we could get some milk duds, it was a movie tradition of mine and I love them. This is what he said to me:

"Hanna, if you knew you wanted a treat you should have told me before we got to the theater. The stuff here is too expensive."

Then we walked into the movie.

I was so bothered by it. I stopped hanging out with him. Who knows, maybe I'm just a brat and what he said was totally normal.

I tag...whoever...


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