Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What I've Learned

People say that you can never understand something until you live through it. Well, this is my first time being pregnant (as far as I know...) and there were lots of things I couldn't have prepared for, even in the first 3 months.

Now, I realize everyone's body reacts different, but here is a list of pregnancy lessons I have learned:

1. I do NOT react well to extra hormones racing through my body.
2. If I eat all the time I'll get really fat, but I won't be so nauseous. I just have to decide what is more important to me.
3. While normally I am cold all the time, I can barely stand sleeping under the covers because I feel like my body is on fire. How does that even happen?
4. Crackers are not the miracle cure doctors tell you they are. Bread, however, is.
5. Water makes me vomit, or at least come really close, every time I drink it.
6. Sometimes, even though I just ate 2 hours earlier, I feel like my body is going to rot and die from starvation.
7. I get tired around 7:30 instead of my usual 12.
8. I cry. I cried while watching Joe Dirt the other day, at three different parts of the movie.
9. The smell of my laundry detergent makes me want to dry heave. Well, the smell of lots of things makes me dry heave.
10. I have crazy dreams, most of which are about death and horribleness. I'm not sure why.
11. My chest really hurts, especially when its cold outside.
12. I have my mind made up that even though no one else can tell I am getting bigger, I am HUGE.

The last lesson, number 13, is the hardest. Although I haven't seen it personally, its a fear in the back of my mind. That is, nothing is final. A million things have to go right in order for this little creature to be born healthy. I just keep hoping it all does.



hola hermana todo lo que dices es normal, y los sueƱos es porque te preocupas por el bebe, si todo te hace vomitar y no puedes comer nada toma (ENSURE) cada botellita es una comida.que no te miedo engordar puedes comer cosas saludables, y puedes caminar siempre diciendole a tu doctor. te quiero

Seth & Kirie

I love your blog posts :)

I'm so excited for you - but thanks for posting all definitely helps with the birth control! :) I swear Seth is going to kill me if I don't stop trying to convince him we need a baby right now!

At least your pregnant during the winter months...imagine being hot all the time in the summer. Ick. That's my be nice and toasty during the winter months and pop 'em out before summer comes!

Our Blog Spot

So, I am back on board with the whole blog-stalking thing. But it's not really stalking, if you know I'm stalking, right??

Anyway, onto my point: I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO BE PREGNANT!! I wish we lived closer (you know, that whole Pacific Ocean thing in the way), so we could be fat and jolly together. That would be grand. Now, onto my comments, according to your list:

-you think you are hot now? Wait until June... sorry, that was mean.

-crackers do jack squat. The miracle for me? CANDY CANES!! I'm not kidding. With J, NOTHING helped, then Christmas rolled around, and I randomly popped a pepermint candy cane, and it was a blessing. Not that it healed all, but I imagine the pepermine lining my bile filled belly (great image), and soothing me from within. Try it? Who knows.

-water. Ew. Always made me vomit. Always. Ew.

-I always had crazy dreams. Want to know actual details? They were usually really weird freaky sex dreams (NOT MY FAULT!), or crazy, disturbing murdering dreams. Hmmmm....

-Your chest hurts? You will probably look like a pornographic model, once baby is born. Good for Cody + baby. Not so good for you ;)

Ok... I'm going to leave it at that. I really hope no one else reads my comment. I know you will like it. Other people might think I'm crazy.

I luf ew.


you are really funny. the first time being pregnant is crazy because of all the changes. and i am always paranoid because there are so many thigs that can go wrong. but i'm sure all will be well :) and bread was my staple for the 1st few months and what your friend said about peppermint is true it actually does help with nausea. as for your chest, yeah mine still hurts so your probably in for the long haul on that. but atleast you should be fealing good soon! oh and pregnant dreams are psychotic so pay them no mind


Hanna, welcome to motherhood...all the highs; all the fears; all the "hard things" and all the good things. You will NEVER regret it though it wil bring you to your knees more often than you can even is joy as its most intense and richest definition. I am happy for you. Mom

Ashley and Jeremy

you are my birth control...and ym husband thanks you. congratulations though!

the ogle's

reagan had really crazy dreams too. she would wake up and be mad at me or think that i hate her cuz of a dream she had.... you girls are crazy. i love it. it will get better.:)


I did not know you were pregnant! I am so excited for you Hanna. You will be an excellent mom. Congrats!

Brother and Sister Harker

That sounds just like my 1st time pregnant too. I was so hot and got sick from smells and had to eat or I was sick... It sucks a whole bunch, hang in there.
The weird thing is this time around I am opposite with the eating.


So happy to hear the big news! Congrats! Sorry you haven't been feeling well. That is so hard. All I can say is that the end result is worth it.