Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Idaho Visit

Last weekend we headed up to Idaho for a fun relaxing time with the Childers. We try to visit them every couple of months, and we were definitely due. Mainly because our child was losing touch with his Mima and she was feeling quite sad about it.

So, we rounded up the gang, dog and all, and made the drive in our white Honda. We had a quick detour in Logan for dinner with mom and dad at Iggy's hoping to catch the BYU game, unfortunately for Joe it wasn't on.

The weekend was spent riding the 4-wheeler (it was the boy's first time), taking short walks, movies, food (thanks for the chicken curry!), and best of all homemade chocolate chip cookies. No matter what I do, the cookies I make will never beat those found at that house in Idaho.

Monday morning, after our much needed rest and relaxation, we made the trek back home. Zoee tried to hide again and wouldn't get in the car. We understand though, sometimes its hard to leave that place.

(He and Mima made peace)



It is hard to leave that place isn't it? I'm jealous of your visit. And your li'l camdon is SO precious. What lucky boy to have the Mima he does. Aunt Christy, is Incredible!



What a tender photo of Christie and Camdon. Nothing like a grandma.

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why won't your halloween party post show up???