Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Party #1

Tuesday was the first annual Losee Halloween party. Okay, I'm not sure if I named it right, or if it was their first. I am just hoping they make it a tradition so that I have yet another excuse to dress up :)

And, even though we had to drive through a blizzard to get there, the white chicken chili alone was worth it. Well, maybe Caleb and Hayley's homemade orange bowls cut out like a jack-o-lantern and filled with fruit salad, or Sarie's yummy cupcakes made it worth it too. Okay, maybe I just love food.

Anyway, the highlight of the night was when Cody and I won the no-hands apple eating contest. Alright, that's a lie, but we probably would have, however, the string broke twice on us. So, that ended it. Cody really did win third place in the costume contest though.

After that we played musical chairs, which I can prove by a huge bruise I have on my thigh from wrestling someone out of their chair. Mwha ha ha.

All and all, it was a really fun evening. Unfortunately we forgot our camera (surprise, surprise). So we are relying on the pictures we took when we got home, and the kindness of Caleb and Hayley to give us theirs.

Cody dressed up as House and I was Dr. Cameron (and yes, Cody made the flames on the cane all by himself, I was impressed).



Haha...I love your Halloween costumes. I think you would have made a hot 13, too :)


I totally guessed who you were by the picture before I read it. Good job on the costumes.


13 might have been a better choice for me...No onw knew who I was, they thought I had just come from work. haha.


nice! i like this. you do kind of look like cameron and cody with the scruff ties it in pretty nice. i love the flames by the way. good touch. wish i were there to cut just a little bit through your cane so that when you went to use it you would have fallen....YES. (i like that episode a lot, just for that reason.)