Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Temple Square

Last night we went to go check out the lights at temple square. I haven't been since I was in high school, so I figured it was about time. Plus, when you have kids you just have to do stuff like that.

Like always, we forgot our camera.

We were accompanied by three of my all-time favorite people, Chad, Kim, and Kamryn.

The only reason I am posting about this is because when we got there we drove around FOREVER looking for parking. Then, like the smart people we are, we saw a church parking lot about 2 blocks away and thought FOR SURE there would be parking there, right? We must be the only smart ones in the place to come up with this genius plan.

Then, we pull in. It took us 30 minutes to loop the TINY parking lot, behind 8 million other cars, just to see that there were no spots. And, for those of you who really know any of us that went, we all have a slight case of road rage (I'm working on overcoming my anger), so it was not good.

After we finally got out, we decided to head to the conference center parking and just pay. As we drove in front of it, we saw an SUV pulling out...in the first stall, right next to the cross walk to go in to see the lights. Hallelujah.

So, Kim jumped out of the car and ran up next to the people leaving to make sure that no one would try to sneak in and take the spot, while we waited a patient and safe distance behind. It was amazing.

And, the people actually tried to hurry so that we could park. Unfortunately, in their rush to help us get into a spot, their trunk didn't fully shut and as soon as they pulled out, all their stuff fell onto the street. Luckily Kim was out there to help stop traffic and pick it all up.

Chad said the only reason we got such a great spot is because he never swore while we were waiting behind all the idiots in the church parking lot and god was blessing him. haha. I believe him, it took a lot of restraint (not that I am a regular swearer, the people were just lame).

All in all, it was a fun night that I will contemplate redoing next year.

Oh, and the lights were pretty good too.



Last year I parked at Dede's house and walked the two blocks to temple square. You may want to try that next year. But it sounds like you had a nice time anyway.