Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fast Sunday

During sacrament meeting at church we sat behind a family with 3 young boys. It was Fast Sunday and the family's oldest boy (I'd say he was about 9) got up to share his testimony.

It went something like this:

"I know the church is true. I love my family. (Long Pause) This morning I went with my dad to do fast offerings. When we got to the last house the guy gave us five dollars, and he wasn't even Mormon. (Long Pause) You should think about that."

With a chuckle from the audience the boy walked off the stand. By the time he got back to his parents, there were tears in his eyes. He was serious about what he had said, and he didn't get why everyone laughed. I could tell he was so embarrassed.

The dad tucked the boys head into his shoulder and told him he did a great job. I then vowed that after the meeting was over, I would tell him he did a great job too. I just couldn't stand the thought that his embarrassment (for trying to do the right thing) might deter him from ever sharing his testimony again.

When the meeting ended I got up and went to say something, but before I opened my mouth another lady interrupted. So, I waited for her to go first.

This is what she said:

"Are you the boy that said your testimony about the five dollars? That man you talked about is my husband. You're right, he isn't a Mormon. I haven't been to church in over ten years, but after you came to my house this morning I realized it was time I came back. So, thank you."

Then she walked away.

I no longer felt the need to say anything at all. I mainly just wanted to cry. Okay, I did cry...just a little.



That is good stuff.
Thanks Hanna.

Holt House

This post made me cry! WHat a sweet story! Thanks for charing.

Daniel & Shandi

I started off laughing in the story and ended up crying...good story!


that is the best story I've heard in a long time.



He was right to, we should think about this. It is amazing how little things that we do can have such a great affect on people lives.

This little boy will never forget that Sunday.

Thanks for sharing this.


Hannah thanks for sharing. I love this story. What an awesome experience. The little boys name is Sheyler. He is one of Kyle's deacons. I told Kyle this story and he thought it was awesome...he was so proud of him. He said he was gonna have Sheyler share it on Sunday with the other boys.


que lindo testimonio, tambien quiero llorar. sabes eso es lo lindo de estar en la iglesia y ser mormon que le enseƱas cosas a tus hijos que nunca podran olvidar


sweet story


I cried too! It really inspired me to be better in so many ways. Thanks for sharing. Love ya.


thats such a sweet story!


that's a cool story. ya but i remember when i was little i went up to bear my testimony i must've said something funny cuz everyone started laughing at me and i did the same thing i cried. it was said so i understand how that kid feels. haha


thanks for sharing this!

Andrews Family

I needed to hear a sweet story like that. I love that you were able to hear what that lady said! Thanks for reminding me that even the little things we do can make a difference.