Monday, March 1, 2010


We finally got some pictures of the little man taken. He refused to smile and only lasted a few minutes before breaking out in sobs.

Go HERE if you want to see more...they are incredibly cute.

Photo by Brianne Serrano Photography



this is probably wierd but i just found your blog and have been taking peeks at it.. your baby is darling! he looks a lot like you!


que lindo esta tu bebe, y si como dice tu amiga sarah tiene tu mirada, separece mucho a ti


What a handsome little face! Zach never cooperates for the camera either, but it's the "personality shots" that always end up being my favorite anyway.

A & J Johnson: A Family Co

I think I shed a tear... but I am rather hormonal. Still he's cute enough to make me cry. Good job!

Motherhood for Dummies

Seriously, you guys made a pretty dang cute kiddo. YOu guys are such a cute family