Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Walk

Surprise, surprise our little guy is sick...for the hundredth time (I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong!).

So, we decided to give him a little fresh air. This is him on our Sunday walk. Honestly, I can't get enough of his cute little face. Its hard to imagine that we could love him any more than we already do, but every day somehow the love increases.

Happy 11 months!



so cute! no haces nada malo asi son los ninos y es temporada, pero si a ti te preocupa demasiado si tiene mucha infeccion o algo mas dile a tu pediatra que estas preocupada.


I love that boy!


preston was sick all the time too... he just barely got over it when he hit 13 months... He seemed to always have a cough, or a runny nose that didn't let him breathe. Some say its cuz of teething. Recently he just craps in his bed, all over. Some say thats also cuz of teething. I say if thats from teething, I would hate to see what a stomach bug would do to the kid. Anyway, Camdon-- you're not alone.

The Price Family

I remember this stroller. I loved that stroller. :)


:) Yay for a day of nice weather! You're little man is so cute! I can't believe our little guys are almost a year!