Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It Was My Birthday

Yesterday was my 26th birthday (in case any of you forgot and would like to send a last minute gift) and Cambo's first day of swim lessons. He didn't love it, but was better today. So, I am hoping by the end he'll be a pro.

Thanks Shelby and Bri for joining the class with us. We sure like you guys!



Welcome! We sure like you guys too and are glad we have a great excuse to hang out more :)


happy birthday, que bien que le ensenes a tu hijo a nadar.
que cumplas mas anos junto a tu familia y con mucho amor


hahahahaha i love how you call him cambo slice noW! it just makes me laugh


Alex starts swim lessons on Monday, we're excited! My sister-in-law teaches swim lessons in WA, she told me that by the third time, they are usually loving it! :) They'll be ready for a swim party in no time!


Yeah, he is loving it now. The first day was the only tough one.

Zach and Cristi Benedict

Happy Birthday my dear!!!!!