Monday, June 14, 2010

Utah Valley Marathon

Saturday I ran the Utah Valley Marathon with Holly, Chantelle, Tyler, Caleb, Hayley, Andrea, and Emily.

I stuck with Hayley for the first half. It was pouring rain and freezing cold, but we kept on going.

Then we parted ways, as the wind blew down the Provo canyon and against my back forcing me to keep running.

I felt pretty good until I hit the 20 mile mark, which was just after I passed Cody, Donny, and the rest of the family waiting on the side of the road.

The last 6 miles seemed to take as long as the first 20. I was dead. And, I was kicking myself for not training better. Running once a week just wasn't enough.

I finally made it to the end. The time on the clock when I passed said 4:52. I'm not sure what my official chip time is, but my goal was 5 hours.

That day and the next I felt really sore. Today I can just feel it in my left achilles tendon, which I believe I tore since I can barely walk on it.

I do not think I will be running another marathon, but it was a good experience to try once. I guess I should thank Tyler for tricking me into it.



You look so hot in your running outfit. Thank goodness the weather wasn't hot that day. Congrats! What a great accomplishment. I am so proud of you!


Wow!!! Way to go. I don't have ANY desire to run a marathon EVER, but I admire those who can do it!

Andrea Low

Hanna, I just saw your comment on my blog. Isn't Emily the best?!?!? She always finishes and then comes back and meets me to make sure I finish strong! It was so fun to know you all were ahead of me and I'd see familiar faces at the end! Great Job!

Trev & Celina

Hanna you are amazing! I think anyone who runs for fun is amazing! Good Job Girlie!

Jared & Shanee

I seriously am so impressed. That is a hug accomplishment. Congrats and great job on finishing under your goal time. One day when I'm not pregnant that is a goal I would love to accomplish as well. Thanks for the inspiration.