Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby's First Haircut

I guess I should call it "Toddler's First Haircut" since I got a 10 minute lecture the other day from an 8-year-old explaining to me that after you turn one, you are no longer a baby, and until you turn two you are not a child. Therefore, I must refer to my spawn as a toddler. She sure told me.

Anyway, people kept complaining about Camdon's hair being too long (Mom...Heidi...) and although I was determined to let it grow until his 18th birthday, we decided to give it a trim.

I actually took a bunch of pictures; however, most of them included a close up of Cody's nipple and armpit hair. And, as hot as he is, I thought I would spare you all the sight and keep it just for me. ha.



Hanna you are hilarious. You guys should come visit us. Good job with the hair cut/ trim


Cute! I love the face he's giving.

Jamie Ehat

Hanna! he is so stinkin cute! We need to hang out sometime. Looking over your blog tonight, I'm realizing that we went all the same places this summer, just at different times. Which means we need to be friends again. Miss you guys. Text me, call me, email me.