Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Time Out

(I know this stuff is probably boring to you, but I like it and thats all that matters)

Well, Camdon was finally naughty enough to get his first time out.
(He threw his sippy cup at me, then hit me in the face - I think that is pretty deserving)

I sat him on the couch for one whole minute. Then, when his time was up I asked him if he was ready to be nice to mommy and come out of time out, he told me NO and continued to sit there on his own for another 5 minutes. At least he was honest.

p.s. He also fell off something high for the first time yesterday. He went head first into the small space between the wall and the kitchen table. And, all of that pain was for one little ball of Reese's Puff cereal.



oh man. this post made me laugh. does he get his attitude from Cody or you? I would put money on cody. Ha. And where does he get his blonde blonde hair!? i love it.

Kyle and Shanalee

The first thing I noticed was that BLONDE hair. He is such a cutie! How funny that he wasn't ready to be nice, he needed a few more minutes of time out lol!

The Price Family

He is so big!!! And cute. I love when kids know they need a little more time and make the decision on their own.

Trev & Celina

That's pretty funny. Time outs can be pretty entertaining.


no es aburrido, y asi comienzan esta bien que le pongas en time, asi le enseƱas quienes el que manda. bueno yo le hubiera dado unas nalgadas pero creo el time out esta bien.
asi comienzan, pero tienes que decirle que eres su mama y a la mama se respeta.