Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

I noticed something recently about myself. The other day I was looking at an email someone had sent Cody filled with Christmas jokes and pictures. Before I started going through them, Cody warned me that some were a little more questionable than others. As always, I blew his warning off. I consider myself to be pretty thick skinned and always felt like there wasn't much that could bother me or make me blush. However, while I was going through them I noticed there were a few that did offend me just a little bit.

That night I realized why.

Through choices I have made and diligent efforts and habits I have formed, I have slowly moved closer and closer to all things that are good and worthwhile. Not that I am a saint, or perfect in even the loosest sense of the word (I'm really not even that great at all), but just that through each little step I take I become, naturally, that much closer to Him and His spirit. I know this shouldn't be such a stark realization, because I have been told it would happen, and it just makes sense. But, to actually feel a difference in who I am, and to acknowledge and realize that I am growing (and not just in my belly, bum and thighs) was something really amazing.

I truly do love Jesus Christ, more than words can express. I anxiously await seeing his face and being physically in his presence once more. I am grateful for him, for his birth, and for what his perfect life means to my imperfect one.

I love Christmas. I love that we have a designated time of year in which we try extra hard to become closer to Him and remember what He means to us. I hope that I can keep on an upward path, so that one day I can be with Him forever.

Merry Christmas.


Zach and Cristi Benedict

Great post! I think what you said is awesome! Thanks for your sweet comment about your mission too. You are a stellar gal! :)

A & J Johnson: A Family Co

Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.


Thanks for this.

Celeste-N-Wes Crew

ONe of these days I hope I'll finally get to meet you, until then, I try to get updated on extended families blogs, so I hope you don't mind me commenting even if you have no clue who I am (cuz of Cody's) I just had to tell you how much I appreciated your post. It was very thoughtful and well spoken in terms that make me do some intraspection(?) Good luck with your 2nd baby. Your little boy is such a cutie. Hope all is well.