Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today Camdon's best buddy Payton came to visit us at Cody's shop. It is so cute when they get together. Thanks Craig and Whitney for the visit, the Dr. Pepper, the mechanic skills for my stupid car, and most of all the Coors Light. Ha ha.

We are sure grateful for our friends.

(Okay, someone actually was concerned about the Coors Light comment; understand that it is a joke, one of those inside kind. Don't you worry your pretty little heads.)


.From Her.

Woa. When I saw this picture, I first immediately thought, "Where did this picture of J come from??"



I have been thinking for a long time that they look a lot a like. Both ridiculously good looking.

.From Her.

PS I just called Chris over and said, "Hey, look at this picture of J I just found," and he said, "Who is that little boy he is with?"

I thought he would figure it out that it wasn't J, but he never got it. I finally said, "That is Hanna's little boy!" and he said, "Oh wow! That looks just like J."

The end.