Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Looking for a Vet

Alright all you dog lovers out there, I need your help.

Cody and I are looking for a vet for Zoee. Cody doesn't want just a regular wannabe IHC for animals type place, but a real vet that we can grow to know and love. Someone that will actually care about our cute little mutt.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Seth & Kirie

I love our vet...his name is Dr. Lamb and he's in Alpine. He's a little odd (but I think all vets are socially retarted..which is why they work with animals and not with people) - but I've never been disappointed. My family has been going to him for years. Let me know if you want his number...he's pretty fantastic.

Our Blog Spot

I'm sorry, but I just think this post is hillarious. YOU?? Looking for a vet?? LOOKING? The image just makes me laugh.


Cody and Hanna

I would LOVE the name and number of your vet...

And Taylor...you're just jealous so I will ignore the comment. haha.


Here it is...801-763-1867

Just remember that he's socially akward with humans...there will be some long silences and wierd "converstations"...but he knows what he's talking about when it comes to puppies <3

Brother and Sister Harker

There is a great one in A.F and his name is Dr. Leiter. He is awesome and I know his family too.


We just take our dog,Jake to PetSmart everytime he needs a hair cut or something.-Kait