Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Poll Results

Here are the poll results:

I consider myself to be:
4 (14%)
12 (44%)
1 (3%)
2 (7%)
Somewhere in the middle
8 (29%)
None of the above
0 (0%)
Votes so far: 27

I consider myself to be a member of this party because:
My parents and/or family is
6 (25%)
I grew up that way
1 (4%)
I studied and believe in their/the policies
10 (41%)
I don't know
5 (20%)
I don't care
2 (8%)
Votes so far: 24

I thought it was interesting that 3 people didn't even say WHY they were from the party they selected. My guess is they didn't have the guts to admit that they really have no clue...wimps. haha. Thanks for participating. I enjoyed it.

This poll sprung from a lunch I had with a few family members a while back. I hope they aren't embarrassed or upset that I use them as an example (I mean no harm or was more an enlightenment for my personal endeavors). We (my mom, an aunt, a cousin, and a grandma) were discussing the up coming elections (this was when Mitt Romney was still in the picture) and they were all talking about how Mitt will win and how the Democrats are all evil.

They also discussed supposed schemes and evil doings of some politicians and how if Mitt happened to lose (which would be a disaster), it would be because they knew he was too good for the job...its too long and hard of a plot to explain now. I just sat back and listened. Then, just to see the reaction I mentioned how I liked a few of Obama's ideas, in particular a plan he had proposed for college students. I mentioned it mainly to my mother. She, being a former Republican mayor, quickly responded why I was wrong.

They began to discuss this, and Republican pride returned. This was all fine and well. I don't mind that people have an opinion. What I thought was the most interesting and disappointing was my cousin. She joined in the trash talk. It wouldn't have been bad had she known what she was talking about. But I noticed that all of her "points" as to why her candidate should win were either false or came from someone else at the table. You, or at least I could tell quick that she really didn't know what she was talking about. Yet, she is a devout Republican.

Since then my mind has raced. I wonder HOW MANY people out there act the same way. Instead of finding truth for themselves, they just go along with the familiar; having no mind of their own. I dated a kid once that told me that it was a good thing I was Republican, because he couldn't marry someone that was anti-American. What does that even mean? That kid knew less about politics than anyone I have ever met.

I could go on, but you get my point. I just wish people would not be so ignorant. I don't care what you chose to follow, but the LEAST you could do is know a concrete reason WHY.

I am way too intense about all of this, aren't I?

Now, check out the new poll. haha.



Hey, Hanna I love your new poll.I just did it it.I chose "Good Looks"


I feel bad for your cousin. It is easy to believe what you hear. Especially when it comes from family.

You are right, people should be more informed.