Friday, November 28, 2008

The Parasite

SO... Hanna hasn't felt great these days. For a long time she's had intestinal problems and she frequently gets stomach aches. If she's too hungry then her stomach hurts and cramps, and if she eats too much then she wants to throw up. It's been that way for awhile apparently. The poor little gal. But, I began to worry I finally took her to the doctor. When I took her to the doctor they said that it sounds like she might have something wrong, so they began the typical investigation. Poking and prodding, pushing and pulling, bloodwork and urination, you know the drill. So we awaited the verdict. Turns out tests were positive for a parasite. We couldn't believe it. How did this happen? What do we do for it? He reassured us that if she takes the right pills and eats right then the pain will subside in a couple of months. I of course was in a panic and the fears of how we are going to be able to afford this parasite problem was a big question mark. But, alas, the doctor reassured us that most people learn to love and adore these things and they even give them a name and that we'll probably spend the rest of our lives worrying about it's well being and end up loving it more than we could comprehend.

Well, we've spent the last couple of months reading up and getting healthy and getting ready for this things arrival and just the other day we went in for a check up and it seems to be growing very rapidly. He said it even has it's own heartbeat! And we HEARD IT! So bizzare.

So nevertheless and notwithstanding, if you haven't figured it out yet, we could use your prayers and support because Mrs. Fertile Myrtle's gonna have a BABY! And it's supposed to be ripe and ready for the pickin' on June 12, 2009. So there you have it. Giddy Up.



the ogle's

you two are the ones whom i love. cody. well played. well played. i wish on my life you would allow our children to wed.... that is, if you have a girl. none of this homosexual stuff. thats just not legit.

The Harrisons

haha that was good! I really thought you had a parasite!! Congrats and we're so excited for you guys!!!

Seth & Kirie

Woohoo! Congrats! That is exciting...and I must say, I am slightly jealous :)


Congrats!!!! That is so exciting i wish you the best!

Cody and Hanna

I'm glad you guys made it to the end. I was scared people would stop and think I really had some crazy parasite...haha.

We are really excited!

D.B. Woolston

Dude, giddy up.


How did you guys tell your families? That was one of the funest things for us. Good luck with your "parasite"!

Brother and Sister Harker

WOW! Congratulations! So my web site is not 100% complete and so there is just some random language on there that was part of the layout.

Melissa Dudley

Congratulations!! Thats so exciting!

BJ and Sherrie Benson

That's awesome! I was worried you had a parasite though...good thing it's a baby instead!


Oh my gosh!!! So exciting!! Congrats!!! June 12th was my due date too!! Weird and kinda crazy! I actually went almost two weeks early though and she was born June 2nd! Being parents is the greatest thing in the world!! You will LOVE it!!!

Heidi Marshall

haha...I really thought you had a parasite! That is so exciting though! I am sure you two are thrilled:) good luck!

Randy and Anissa

Congratulations Hanna! I'm so excited for you!


congratulations guys! kids are so much fun! i hope all goes well and you are starting to feel better :)

Tone Loc

Hey Congrats! Love ya Cody!

Hailey and Cache

I am so happy for you guys! Maybe one day we will have kids that can play together like you and cache. I have to say it will probably be the most adorable kid ever! Don't worry to much, I heard that parasites can be good for you! Just pray you don't have multiple parasites at once.

Zach and Cristi Benedict

I haven't been on blogger lately, so I'm totally excited to read this post!!!! YAY! How exciting! I'm so happy for you both. Are you going to find out if it'll be a boy or girl?

Low Family

Congrats guys, wish I could tell you in person or on the phone, but since we only see you at Christmas parties, which by the way we had one last month and you didn't say a word to me!, this'll have to do! Can't wait to hear what it is!