Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Few Pictures of Our Adventure



LOVE THE PICTURES! We are going on a cruise in 18 months, and I am a little nervous about it. How are you feeling? Brock said he sees you all the time at the bank. How is everything with the pregnancy? I need your e-mail address so I can add you to my blog. (send it to me so I can still stay in touch with you) How is Kendall? Have you heard from her? Just curious!

Daniel & Shandi

Holy much fun!!!! Was that your first cruise? They are so much fun. I've been trying to talk Daniel into wanting to go on a cruise. Hopefully someday. :)
Yeah we bought a house about a mile Southwest of my parents house. I love it. We both love being by our families. (did you know mine is moving to Wyoming? like June or so. CRAZY) ....again...looks like a you guys had a blast!!!


Hey Hanna! Those are ccool pictures from Mexico! How did you make animals with the towels? That must of been hard. How many towels did they even give you? Did it even take alot of towels? -Kait


that looks like a lot of fun. It's nice of them to make you animals everyday. Such a beautiful place and beautiful weather. Sorry you had to return to the snow.

Brother and Sister Harker

Cool man! I have totally been to that blow hole. You look so cute I can't even tell you are pregnant.

Cody and Hanna

I don't know why we loved the towel animals so much...they were just cool.


I forgot to ask you for your address when I saw you. Can you e-mail it to me?


How fun! We did a Mexican cruise for our honeymoon. Cabo was my favorite. You look gorgeous in all of your pics. You sure your prego?? :-)

Zach and Cristi Benedict

I love the little baby bump. Glad you guys had fun. So jealous!