Friday, January 16, 2009

Three-Legged Sea Monkey

So...I don't usually have a lot to say so whenever the big life events come around Hanna graciously lets me be the bearer of exciting news. We've been getting these updates online that show you a 3D image of what your spawn could potentially look like. Not going to lie, not something that gets me too pumped. The first couple make it look like you're having a tadpole or gecko or something, who wants one of those?
Luckily, over time it starts to look more like a sea monkey, therefore, that's what I call it. But today we had the famous ultra sound and everything looks great and the baby is healthy. Sea monkey didn't like all the poking and prodding though cuz it was moving all over the place and we couldn't get great shots for too long, but then the "ultrasound technician" proclaimed, "there it is, it's DEFINATELY A BOY!!!" And yes, there was an emphasis on know what that means.
Our little sea monkey is gonna be a real boy. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. My cheeks started to hurt. We're super stoked.
The Ultra sound was a great experience overall and made it all a whole lot more real. They even do a 3D picture that looks like a butter sculpture of your baby.
Who knew that this could be so fun?



Daniel & Shandi

Whoop whoop! That's so exciting. Congratulations.

Brother and Sister Harker

Congrats! I love little boys! You guys will love having a boy.


Oh my goodness!!! Congrats!!! How exciting! Now you need to name that little sea monkey :-) So happy for you!


Congrats Cody that is too cool. Now you can have a boarder buddy for life!

Hailey and Cache

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you both, you will be great parents! What names are you thinking of?


Congratulations!!! You are going to be great parents. Do you have any names picked out?

Hailey and Cache

Cody, I don't know what I'm doing so I hope this gets to you. Congratulations on the baby boy, boiiy! (in case that didn't make sense that was supposed to sound gangsta). Anyway, I've been meaning to do this for a while now, Hailey told me she saw on your blog that Hanna was pregnant. You Dog.. I lost my phone forever ago and I don't have your number any more. Happy Happy Birthday to you, to you? to you! That was for yesterday. I hope it was the most excellent birthday ever. Call me when you get this, better yet text me because I never answer my phone when I don't recognize a number and I haven't checked a voice mail for a year or so now. Impressed? I thought so. Anyway then I can call you back and be all like...hey dude, then you'll be all like, like...nothin. then I'll say somethin like, like really funny like somethin you've probably heard way too many times like "you ol horn dog you" then you'll pretend-a-laugh so as not to hurt my feelings and such n such n so on... you might be getting annoyed eh so I'll quit it out. Love you