Sunday, March 15, 2009

Don't bother reading this dumb post.

This Post is for matt. For obvious reasons.(because he requested a post by me and now everyone else has to suffer the consequences. If you wanna leave him threatening messages click on the link to the right under matt and reagan)(Reagan is nice though. Be nice to her.)
Anyway. I swore off the razor for awhile after our cruise. a first for me. Turns out, I'm one ugly guy and I have a curly beard so the hairs curve around and poke my sensitive face. But I knew Matt would appreciate it. And I love him, so.....



HAHAHA!!! I loVE you and i love these pictures! i still have a smile on my face! me and reagan laughed as we watched it at least 3 times through. HA! I love your chester picture! OH WOW! and your "so ugly" --- dude you are my hero. i didnt know you were goin rough but i think it looks mighty nice on you.

i dont have a hat on right now, and that is because it is off to you good sir. the blogging world has now been blessed because of you.

DaNiEl & ShAnDi

Yeah I always thought we were a lot older than I am...I guess that's because you were 2 grades above me. Crazy!
You need to post more pictures of you! Your husbands are hilarious!! I laughed so hard when I saw them right after he did the post. NICE WORK!