Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some Thoughts About Baby

A few days ago Cody cleared out the room for our new little baby. Since then we have added a rocking chair (and are awaiting our crib, changing table, and bedding set to come in the mail). It is all sort of surreal.

Sometimes we like to squish into the rocker together and just bask in the new adventure that is coming for us.

What will he be like? Will we be good parents? What if he grows up to hate us? Will he be healthy? Will he be happy? Will we have everything we need? Will I even be able to make it through this whole pregnancy? How will we afford everything?

It is kind of daunting when you really think about it, but at the same time we just can't wait.

I have heard that you'll never understand how much you can actually love a person until you hold one of your own children for the first time.

I am excited to know that feeling.

Sometimes at night in my dreams or in the very back of my minds eye, I get a glimpse of that love. It is accompanied by fear for him and anticipation. I am sure you parents out there understand better than Cody or me, but I love each small opportunity I am given to become just a little closer to our new little guy.

Anyway, thats whats new with us.

P.S. We THINK we have his name picked out...it took a lot for us to get that far.


DaNiEl & ShAnDi

yay!! This is all so exciting! I'm so happy for you both. I hope it all goes well. You'll both be excellent parents...don't you worry.

Hailey and Cache

Your post gave me cold chills of nervousness and excitement. I can't imagine anticipating something so big and life changing. I don't think that is a decision Cache and I will ever be able to make. Without being ready I cant commit and I don't think we will ever feel ready! Hopefully an accident happens because I have a feeling I will end up being the crazy cat lady because of my own fears.....and I hate cats. =(

Zach and Cristi Benedict

You will be great parents; especially because both of your served missions, you'll be great at teaching your children the gospel! YAY!