Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Picture - 29 Weeks

Several people have asked me to put up a pregnancy picture. Out of embarrassment and horror over my hideous body I ignored them, but I can ignore them no longer. So, here you go.

It was taken about 1 minute ago by my coworker Whitney...thats about as up-to-date as you get.


DaNiEl & ShAnDi

DAAAANG CUTE! Love it! You are so gorgeous!!!!! Thanks for posting the picture.

Cody and Hanna

I never realized how pointy my belly is...its like there is a basketball in there instead of a baby...haha.


Oh wow. This is real. Cody wasn't just joking with me. i like it a lot! you could push cody around with that sucker...he would like it

The Harrisons

Look how cute you are!! I love it!!

The Price Family

You look so cute!!! (not that you weren't cute before) I love the little bump.


I think you look really cute pregnant! I love that your always dressed cute and have your hair done all nice, I wish I did that more, even when I wasn't preg. I forget when you're due.


you look way cute pregnant :) i love to hit 30 weeks because it finally feels like your on the downhill slide!


You look like you are all belly to me, the rest of you still looks skinny! I am hoping I am that lucky with the second!

P.S. June is a great time to have a baby,you don't have to worry so much about taking them outside!

Hailey and Cache

I love baby belly's! Do you have people touching it all the time? I am definitely that annoying person that will just walk up and touch and then start going "oooh, cute" It's totally embarrassing after the fact but at the moment I can't help myself it's like a magnet! Hey, at least I can admit it.


SO CUTE! You are now on the down hill of the entire thing! There is an end in sight. (That's how I felt with all 3 of mine) CONGRATS!