Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Pictureless Update

As I sat here eating a bowl of Marshmellow Maties listening to "Come On Get Higher" and surfing internet waves I decided it was about time to give a little update of our doings.

For the past 3 weekends we have had births and birthdays in the family, which means that Cody's side of the family has made the 3 hour trek to our house about a million times. Welcome to the world Kate and Avery.

The last of their trips was last weekend for memorial day. I felt like we went non-stop from party to party, but the weekend ended with an awesome bond fire in a beautiful place called Hidden Valley overlooking Utah County. We, along with Chris, Holly, their kids (including the newest addition Avery), Tyler, Chantelle, Riley, Caleb, Hayley, Travis, and Brynlee enjoyed hot dogs, s'mores, and starbursts.

The next part of our adventure has to do with my side of the family. My mom had to evict some people from one of her houses (that's what happens when you don't pay rent for 7 months). After they packed up and moved we discovered that they had left boxes and BOXES of all kinds of crafts. I called my sisters to see if they wanted some and that is when Holly (my sister) got the bright idea for us to take ALL of the crafts and sell them. So yesterday we woke up at the crack of dawn and I had my very first yard sale. We ended up making a little over $180 (plus another $140 from Kim's stuff). Which I don't think is all that bad. We will be using the money to buy some cool stuff for Lake Powell this summer. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO!

Besides that, I am still pregnant and getting more and more uncomfortable. But, I guess I can't complain as long as the little guy is healthy and happy. I have my 39 week check-up in a few days. As of the last one I was dilated to a 2 and 80% effaced. At least I am progressing a little. That's promising, right?

Then, last but not least, tomorrow I make the jump from 24 to 25. I can't believe I'll be that old. I LOVE my birthday. I am excited for all that it promises...even if I already went out and bought my own present. I just can't get away from certain stores when they have a good sale...

That's it for now.



Sounds like things are good with you two. Good luck with labor and delivery. It's worth all the discomfort. Can't wait to see the baby.


It's ur b-day today! Happy birthday Hanna!! -Kaitlin


By the way I finally talked to Dan about the trampoline on Sunday, because he didn't get home until late Saturday night from St. George, but I am sure that you already made a decision. You look good Hanna. I looks like your birthday was a fun one! Good thing you have an awesome husband. :) Happy belated birthday! Love ya, Natalie