Thursday, November 12, 2009


We were recently called into Scouts as Wolf den leaders. And I feel completely inadequate for the job. I have never, in all my 25 years, been involved in any way with the scouting program. I felt like a total numpty.

First of all, I had to wear this incredibly ugly, ginormous shirt on which I sewed the patches wrong (who knew there was a right and wrong way?). I debated with Cody prior to, and on the drive there, whether or not I REALLY had to wear it. Unbuttoning and rebuttoning it at least 4 or 5 times in the debate. He was right (as always), I did. And, apparently I was supposed to tuck it in too. But there is no way that was happening. With its hugeness I would look like I had an extra two belly fat rolls. The three I have already are quite enough.

Second, how was I supposed to know that I have to salute during the flag ceremony. What ever happened to the hand on the heart. And I still don't understand, do you use two fingers or three?

Third, they called us up to the front to give out badges and awards. What? We just started. Plus, I have no clue how the badges and awards work, and I even read the book. I think my know-nothingness clouded my reading comprehension. I stood in the front, partially hiding behind Cody, looking at the crowd like a deer in headlights. While he explained we had nothing to give away.

It was nerve wracking and I felt severely out of place. I think I might be the wrong gal for the job. I hope it only goes uphill from here.

I do, however, like the weekly activities. So far we made paper bag Halloween costumes, had a party, did the balloon olympics, and I think next week we might even learn to walk on stilts. Exciting, huh?

I think I just need to calm down. Take a breath. And move one step at a time. I can do this, right?



I think your note at the end is right. Just calm down and take things one day at a time. You need to get to a basic training and work with your cub master to understand your assignments better. But the main thing is your den meetings with the boys. If that is going well, you are doing a great job......PS. I just got called as the wolf den leader in my ward!


you will do great! i know how you feel with getting a calling that feels aq little over your head, i just got called to be the secretery in the RS presidency!

A.J. Johnson:A Family Company

blog layout- nice, I like the colors. good articles, fluff and info. Articles.. is spelled wrong for the link to 'about CEO' overall if I was in the buying market I think it's helpful and personal, maybe more photos

Cody and Hanna

Thanks Jenn. I changed my poor spelling :) When are you going to post the pictures of the beautiful head bands we made?


Hanna you are a crack up! I think you're awesome at writing. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. I sure love you Hanna. I'm so lucky to have you for my daughter now. Thanks for marrying my son. Love, Mom Childers