Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mommy Talk

A lot of things have changed since our son came into our lives. One of which is my vocabulary. Here are a few new additions:

bedie - crib
nappie - nap
go nigh nigh - go to sleep
foodies - food
diapie - diaper
bookie - book
toysies - toys
blankie - blanket
tubbie - bath
putty-put - fart (thanks to Chelsea for that one)
buga-buga-boo - this doesn't mean anything, we just say it and he just likes it

You get the gist.

I either add -ie to the end or I make words that shouldn't be plural, plural. For example, "How's my baby boys doing today?" And no, we don't have twins.

The best thing about this new vocabulary is the way I say it. I really don't like baby talk, but when I open my mouth the high pitched, soft sounding 'word vomit' (thank you Mean Girls for that term) just comes out. No matter how hard I try, I can't stop it. Plus, it makes him smile which automatically overrides my dislike.

Also, I love when I am out in public and start talking to the boy like I would at home. I get all kinds of weird stares and quickly realize how silly I sound. And honestly, how do you come back from that? I just keep on talking to him like the starers aren't there.

Oh baby boy, I love you.


Kyle and Shanalee

I love it!! I talk in a high pitched voice to my puppy all the time. I've been stalking you for a while, I'm so happy to see things are going well for you!! Camdon is seriously so.stinkin.cute!!
Add me when you go private,

Take care!!

A.J. Johnson:A Family Company

Hanna!! check it

no sew!!!

and text me back about your email so I can send you the other ones... I saved them as PDF's

PS about your post.I really dislike baby talk as well and have it in my mind I will speak to my children as humans. But I'm not a mom yet, and every time I see Camdon my pitch increases. I'm doomed.


Hanna I knew you were a softie. I remember when you said that you wouldn't talk baby talk. I just smiled to myself and thought, yea, we'll see about that. I love it! I knew you were a marshmellow! Camdon is lucky. You ARE A WONDERFUL MOM! Love ya sweetie! Mom C.