Friday, November 11, 2011

Camdon Clarke

A few great things that my two-year-old said:

Every time I wipe his little potty-trained bum, "Mommy, do you want to eat my poop?"

After getting in trouble, "I still love you Mom."

Every bedtime prayer, "Heavenly Father. I thank thee. Jesus Christ, amen."

During family prayer: Cody: "We love you Heavenly Father..." Camdon: "...and Jesus too!"

Yet another prayer, "Jesus, today my bum hurt."

After scolding him for being naughty, "Oh Mom, don't be such a bawl baby."

"Mom, I have a hug?" then he ran up and spit on my shirt.

After asking him to pick up his toys, "I'll only be good for candy Mom."

I got a little upset at the Sprint worker, "Mom, you're not being patient with her."

Cody tried to put him to bed, "Mom, daddy's being naughty. He needs a time out."

While I was talking on the phone and not listening to him, "Mom, you're making me feel angry."

Payton and Camdon
I could go on...and on.
I love him.



haha, what a funny kid!

Jacob and Melanie Hopkinson

Love it. Can't wait to see him- he has changed a lot since we've seen him!

Daniel & Shandi

What a funny kid! I loved all the little sayings. :)


I love the funny things kids say! Lincoln is always making me laugh with the things he comes up with. Sadly, even a few choice words come out every now and again and I am well.... BUSTED!