Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hard Day

Today was a hard day.

Camdon, who is usually a sweet and very obedient little guy, was not being himself. By 9:30 a.m., he had already been put in time-out three times (he woke up at 8:30). I was on the verge of hysteria as I sat next to his bedroom door, holding a screaming Kyler (who is another story all in his own), and listening to Camdon thrash on the other side.

When a day starts off like that, little can turn it around. I usually just have to cringe my way through it and hope the next morning things will be better. Not even lunch with my beautiful sister and hanging out with cousins cured what the horrible morning had started. I even tried to medicate with a Dr. Pepper. Its magic was lacking.

Finally bedtime came. Halle-freaking-lujah. I got him in his room and told him it was time for prayers, like I do every night. Still cringing. And, something magical happened. He didn't fight me. Instead he got on his knees, folded his arms, and said his very first unassisted bedtime prayer. As he finished, a smile (and maybe a tear) crossed my face.

The prayer did not erase the need I had for alone time and quite, but it sure reinforced why I am a stay-at-home mom; and that I do, in fact, love my children. They are beautiful, wonderful little souls that bless my life.

p.s. The other day, as I was changing Kye's diaper, Camdon ran into the room and said, 'You want to see my bum?' then mooned me. That kid.


AJ Johnson: A Family Co

I'm sorry you had a bad day. I'm glad you survived. PLUS you're kid is super amazing. Praying by himself... see, you're an amazing mother!


Can I just say how much I have really enjoyed reading just a few of your posts already? It cracks me up! And also, I can so relate with the bad day(s). Except for Lyric has never been an obedient child like Camdon, so that feels like my everyday day. How sweet is a little child's prayer. It does bring tears and smiles to your face!


I love those tresured moments when you feel like they are learning those things you hope they are catching on to. Great job Hanna! :D