Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This last year in the life of the Hopkinson family has been insane. We moved. Then we moved again. And, now we're moving again. We have been through four jobs, a child, and family craziness that I can not even begin to describe. Things I never imaged would or could happen, did.

Stress and happiness have been felt at extremes that neither Cody nor I ever imagined possible.

There have been moments when I knew I could not handle anymore. Moments that made my soul ache, tremble, and cry. Moments necessary for growth and progression. Moments that showed the devil and angel inside me. And, moments full of happiness, love, and appreciation that stifled all else.

I've wondered if life was always this hard, and I just never realized it; or if the world has changed as I have aged. Maybe it's neither. Maybe it's both. And, maybe it's just me.

Why am I writing this now? After several lame posts of pictures, that even I get bored looking at? Because I really want to be good at blogging. Scratch that. I want to be good at journaling. I want to remember the good parts in life that happen each day, and even a few of the bad. I want to remember what I felt, and lived, and survived. I'm not sure I always want to share it with all of you (there are some people I would just rather not have access to this), but it is what it is.

So, here I am, waiting to see what happens next.



you are so talented at writing Hanna, you are a natural. Keep it up!! Love mom Childers

Jacob and Melanie Hopkinson

It has definitely been a crazy year. You guys work so hard and have such a cute, happy little family. We look up to you a lot. For what it's worth, we don't get bored with the pictures. We really love them and don't think you give us enough :)

AJ Johnson: A Family Co

I think life was always this hard... we are just now realizing the consequences of the difficulties in our own lives. I think part of the responsibilities of parents is shielding their children from knowing exactly how hard it is. Ours did a pretty good job.