Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cody's Birthday

Cody turned the big 2-7. He says he doesn't like celebrating birthdays, but he married a girl that does.

First, he opened his presents at midnight. He couldn't wait. I got him a pedometer. Mainly because I have one for a competition at my work and he was always making fun of it...his way of hiding his jealousy. We have daily competitions now to see who gets the most amount of steps...he always wins. The other gift was an alarm clock that plays your ipod and projects the time onto the ceiling. Its pretty sweet.

When we woke up in the morning I had a good buddy of mine (thanks steve you rock) deliver us breakfast in bed...Cody's favorite...a carne asada breakfast burrito from Beto's. I am definitally not a morning person...how hideous.

After that I headed to work and he headed to school. I left work a little early and decorated the kitchen so that when he got home he would have a nice little surprise. It is also a tradition that the birthday boy (or girl) gets a crown. This one came from the forever famous burger king.

Last but not least we headed to dinner at Outback. We were also going to go to nicklecade, but there was a whiteout and people were stuck everywhere. We ended up staying an extra hour or two at the restaurant and ran out of time.

All and all, it turned out to be a great day...Valentines as well held some celebration, but I don't have any pictures from it :( Cody did a bunch of cute things for me though. Our room was filled with "Reasons Why I love Hanna". I'm a sucker for things like that.


The Harrisons

Ya we LOVE lost!! that is really cool that taylor's little boy is the baby on it! I didn't even know she had a baby, That's fun! How are you liking married life so far?!

The Price Family

You guys are so stinking cute. We can't wait to come visit or you come here so we can meet cody!!!!


hey hanna!!! i have that same exact shirt!! we should be twinners one day!! haha just kidding that probably something that little elementary girls would do!! but what can i say i'm a dork! and code u r a great brother!!! i am so glad u could be my eldest bro. we've had some good times! well see you guys some other time i guess!!