Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just an update

Right now I am bored out of my mind waiting for Cody to finish his homework so we can go play guitar hero with Matt and Reagan. Its a saturday night...come on now...ANYWAY, I decided while I waited to update anyone who dares read this on our lovely exciting lives.

Here goes...

When we first got married, my dad was nice enough to give us a bed. It had a really nice new mattress...the rest of it wasn't too bad either. We were pretty excited, until we found out that we couldn't get the whole thing up the stairs to our apartment. We made several attempts, but all that would fit was the mattress. At one point we had the box spring jammed in the stair case and we had to call Caleb to drive over and help us get it out. So, failing miserably we took the rest of the bed back to my dad. Since then have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Cody, who likes things neat and organized, decided that would not due. So, he built a bed. Its pretty sweet. We set it up last night and tried it out for the first time. I really liked it, but for some reason when i woke up in the morning I was like almost falling off the bottom edge. Who knows why.

Also, today we got to go to lunch at a nice Thai place in Provo and then went ice skating with Jenn and Avery Johnson. It was really fun. There was this weird old man skating around with old school head phones, singing and dancing. He was the highlight of my trip. Especially when some little kid totally ran him over and he started yelling at him. I laughed very hard inside my own head.

Now that you are sufficiently bored, I'll end this.