Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Delta, Money, and Sky Miles

To explain yesterdays post as to WHY Cody gets to go first class...

I was planning on going to London in December for one of my favorite people in the whole worlds wedding (love you Caroline), but since I was trying to plan a wedding and it was finals week, I had to cancel it. The airline then gave me money credit to go towards another flight. That credit had to be used under my name and in a certain amount of time. We used that to get my Hawaii ticket, in coach. The second ticket, Cody's, was coming from my sisters sky miles. Heidi is awesome and gives us almost anything and everything we could possibly want or need. I love my sister...and not just because of that. It is normally around 70,000 to get a ticket, but apparently DELTA (boo delta) has some policy, aka scam, where they make it impossible to actually use your miles. You can only have so many people per flight using discounted tickets. After a struggle and a lot of persuasion we got the lady from delta to cut us some slack and let us use the miles. She was from India, so this is my official salute to people from there...they have won me over. She said, however, the only possible way was if he flew first class...almost 90,000 sky miles. We decided, what the heck, we might as well...

SO, there you have it. Boring. haha. I did tell him that I at least get to sit up there on the flight home (its a red eye...haha).



That bites. You should give some coach class sucker the gift of his life, and trade him seats so you and cody can sit together. Hmmmm... What a great idea, Taylor. You are so giving.